5 AI tools for coders better than ChatGPT

5 AI tools for coders better than ChatGPT

Do you know ChatGPT is not the only AI tool available for writing code in fact there are many AI code writing and code completion tools that came into the market much before ChatGPT or OpenAI’s codex. In this article, I will tell you the most useful and easy-to-use AI tools which can help you to write codes and are more powerful than ChatGPT as well.

What is AI-generated code?

AI-generated code is the code generated by AI tools like ChatGPT, Codex, GitHub’s copilot, etc. These AI tools generate codes based on the commands we give to them. For example, asking to write a prime number program in Python, find whether a number is even or odd, etc.

Is it safe to use AI-generated code?

AI has been new to the market and is yet to be modified so much before we say that AI can actually code because AI still writes small codes and that too not correct many times as they result in wrong outputs. AI-generated codes are not reliable and you still need to be good at programming to use them and a noobie(beginner in coding) should not use them as it will result in wrong learning of concepts and I recommend beginners to still use online blogs and videos tutorials for their learning.

Also, it has been found that the AI-generated code is mostly plagiarised because it generates the same output as questions asked by different persons. For example, there are 2 persons A and B. A is from Delhi and B is from Mumbai, now both asked the same question(write a python code to find Armstrong number) from an AI-generating tool then it has been found that the code/output will be the same most of the time.

Who can use AI-generated code?

Experienced programmers can take help from AI-code-generating tools but need to double-check the code before they use it in development. TCS(an Indian tech giant) has recently said that AI-code-generating tools can be used as co-workers and can not replace programmers.

The best AI code generator Tools

I am going to include OpenAI Codex and ChatGPT because these are free to use and everyone should use them. Also, let me tell you that on bing you can use ChatGPT if you face problems in using ChatGPT on OpanAI’s website.

1. OpenAI Codex

openai playground codex

OpenAI codex can perform many other tasks rather than just code completion or writing codes for you. You can select a specific model according to your need, most accurate model is davinci and its output will be better than other models but it’s the most costly model. Codex is now being called Playground. OpenAI has JavaScript codex only. This playground is more customizable than ChatGPT as you have options to filter according to your need.

2. GitHub Copilot

github copilot

There are many top AI tools for developers and OpenAI’s tools like codex and ChatGPT are new but GitHub released copilot on 29 June 2021 and works best for users coding in Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, Ruby, and Go. GitHub Copilot uses the OpenAI Codex to suggest code and entire functions in real-time, right from your editor. GitHub copilot is the most used AI tool for generating code and is available on VScode as an extension named GitHub Copilot. It currently has 3,862,438 installs. GitHub copilot is paid but free for the first 60 days. Its main power is that it uses code from GitHub repositories which makes it very powerful as GitHub is the biggest code store.

3. ChatGPT


Among the Best AI software for coding, ChatGPT can not be forgotten, it’s currently a web app that can answer just like humans do and we can talk to ChatGPT just like we talk with each other. The main thing to notice about ChatGPT is that you can ask to code, modify code, debug code, rewrite code differently, explain code, etc. You can even ask ChatGPT to solve competitive programming problems which I once tried and you will be surprised to know that it answered everything correctly and optimized as well. You can also ask ChatGPT to optimize your code.

4. AlphaCode


AlphaCode produces highly competent computer code. By figuring out new challenges that call for the use of a combination of logic, algorithms, code, and natural language comprehension, AlphaCode was able to place itself among the top 54% of competitors in programming competitions.

AlphaCode generates code at a previously unheard-of scale using transformer-based language models, and then carefully selects a few viable programs. This is currently not available to the public.

5. Tabnine


Tabnine is also an AI-based tools for coders, it has 3 versions, free, paid for individuals, and paid for enterprises. You can install their free version on your IDE, in VScode search Tabnine in extensions, and install it and use it. Inside the free version, they offer basic code completion and in paid version, they offer Whole-line & full-function code completions, Natural language to code completions, and learns your coding patterns & style.

More AI-code-generating tools


If you ask about be about the future of AI in software development, it’s bright because every child grows. Let me tell you what I mean, when the first phone was invented think about what it was and now how phones look like, we can not even compare them, in the same way, AI is in the beginning phase, it will evolve so much and will perform many tasks and even generating big codes will be simple but it will take time.

There are many AI-based tools for coders and most of them are still in beta form as they mostly depend on data given to them rather than their intelligence but still how AI is revolutionizing coding can not be ignored as AI currently changing the way we write coding projects as it’s helping and working like a coworker. Advanced AI tools for programmers are being developed day by day, most of them are paid but as time will go everything will be made more easy and accessible and I hope this day will come soon.

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Author: Yogesh Kumar