Elon Musk hiring AI researchers to develop OpenAI rival

Elon Musk hiring AI researchers to develop OpenAI rival

Elon Musk reportedly has reached out to hire AI researchers to develop an OpenAI rival. Some sources state that Elon Musk meets Igor Babuschkin to create ChatGPT alternative, a researcher who used to work at DeepMind, a subsidiary of Alphabet. He has expertise in creating machine-learning models for chatbots similar to ChatGPT.

On asking Igor Babuschkin about this matter, he said “he has not officially signed onto the Musk initiative”, He adds that “I’d like to work with Elon on something in the LLM space”.

Last November when OpenAI was made public, it storms the internet and everyone was surprised to see the power of AI as it was the first time that people used an AI or machine that can actually give the answer to literally everything and talk just like humans do.

Musk was never happy with the OpenAI team since he left OpenAI as a board member and over the last few months, Musk has repeatedly criticized the company for making OpenAI a for-profit company controlled by Microsoft.

He is against the idea of the OpenAI team making a profit from the company as he said that he started the company to profit humanity and that’s why he named the company “OpenAI” and it was a non-profit company.

OpenAI is an Artificial Intelligence company that started in 2015 and has boomed the internet since it was made public with its various web apps like ChatGPT, playground, and APIs which you can use and integrate into your applications and software using Python and NodeJs.

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