Google offering free Python course: Enroll Today

Google offering free Python course: Enroll Today

Google offers a plethora of free courses in text and video formats across its platforms. In this discussion, we’ll spotlight the renowned Free Python course. It’s hosted on Google’s developer platform, allowing easy access without any sign-in or signup requirements. Now, let’s delve into the course’s content and explore what it offers for those eager to learn Python.

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Course Syllabus:

  • Text Articles
    1. Overview
    2. Python Setup
    3. Python Intro
    4. Strings
    5. Lists
    6. Sorting
    7. Dicts and Files
    8. Regular Expressions
    9. Utilities
  • Video Lectures
    1. Introduction, Strings
    2. Lists and Sorting
    3. Dicts and Files
    4. Regular Expressions
    5. Utilities
    6. Utilities urllib
    7. Conclusions
  • Python Exercises
    1. Basic Exercises
    2. Baby Names Exercise
    3. Copy Special Exercise
    4. Logic Puzzle Exercise

Why Python?

Python is the most in-demand programming language and the most required programming language for school and college students in India. Whether you are a computer science student or just a student from any stream, it’s almost has become necessary for every student in India to learn Python programming language.

Even to learn programming or to know what programming is, one should learn at least 1 programming language and before you start to learn any programming language, you will find many programming languages and many teachers online will say C/C++ should be the first programming language and rest will say Python should be the first programming language.

But, let me tell you why Python should be your first programming language.

  • Easy to start
  • Easy to set Python in the system
  • Easy to learn(Python is just like the English language)
  • Bigneers Friendly
  • Biggest community
  • Most in-demand
  • Numerous libraries
  • Cross-platform support
  • Easy to get a job with Python
  • Web development
  • ML and AI support
  • Computer vision support
  • Data Analytics and Data Visualization
  • and Much more


Why should you learn Python from this course? The simple answer is “because it’s taught by Google”. Google is probably the biggest tech giant in the world. Google calls itself the place of engineers so whatever is taught in this course will be taught by engineers who actually solve real-world problems. Thank you for visiting our website. I hope you enjoyed the article.


Author: Yogesh Kumar