Microsoft Bing Eating Google Traffic: Check results here

Microsoft Bing Eating Google Traffic Check results here

Since the integration of ChatGPT and Bing, Microsoft’s Bing has crossed 100 Million active users and more than 1 billion users a day which results in 30 billion or more monthly users. Google currently has 80.2 billion monthly users.

I will show you the compared data between Google and Bing Traffic. I have used to compare, I generally use similar web for as it’s the most trusted source of website traffic analysis.

1. Overview

Google overview

google traffic overview

Bing overview

bing traffic overview

2. Last 3 Months’ Traffic comparison

Last 3 Months Google’s traffic

3 months google traffic

Last 3 Months Bing’s traffic

3 months bing traffic

Current Traffic of Microsoft’s Bing

After Microsoft integrated Bing with AI-powered Chatbot and made it available to the public(but to limited users only), traffic of Bing has increased drastically(100 million active users and more than 1 billion per day) because users want to use ChatGPT on Bing not just on OpenAI. Bing’s AI-powered chat answers just like ChatGPT does. ChatGPT is an AI-powered technology that was made public in December 2022 and burst the internet as the Google killer and invention of new technology.

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