Spiral Square Mania with Python Turtle

Spiral Square Mania with Python Turtle

In this article, we will be learning about a very cool and different Spiral Square Mania with Python Turtle module. The code for the project will be given below. Accordingly, this article will explain to you how you can code in turtle that will allow you to create some spiral squares. We will first see the code and then, we will understand it line-by-line. Now let’s see the code for design.


import turtle as t

pen = t.Turtle()
colors = ["green","black","orange","navy","green","black","orange","navy"]

def draw_square(color):
        for side in range(4):
                for side in range(4):


for color in colors:




First Part:

  • In the first of “Spiral Square Mania with Python Turtle”, we have imported the “turtle” module as t and set the “pen” variable to t.Turtle(). Then, set the color of the pen to “cyan” and set the speed to 0. And create a list of colors that will be used in the colors of the squares. The list can be customized. However, we will be using; green, black, orange, navy, green, black, orange, and navy.

Second Part:

  • Likewise, create a function name draw_square() and set a parameter color.
  • Then, create a loop with a range of 4. Inside this loop, call the forward method with the value of 100 and turn right at an angle with the value of 90.
  • And, inside this for loop, create another for loop with the range of 4. Then, move the turtle forward with the value of 50 and right at an angle of 90.
  • Accordingly, call the penup method and set back with the value of 40. And, put the pen down.

Last Part:

  • Lastly, coming out of the function, create a loop that will loop through the colors set above. Inside this loop, set the color to the current loop color and call the draw_square() function with the argument of the current color in the loop. Then, move the pen forward at the value of 50 and left at an angle of 45.
  • Call the hide turtle method and end the code.

Thanks for reading. Comment your queries if you have any.

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