Top 10 Final Year Projects for Computer Science Students

Top 10 Final Year Projects for Computer Science Students


In this tutorial, we are going to cover the Final Year Projects for Computer Science Students. Well, in the CSE or Computer Science Engineering technology is developing continuously, and the IT sector demands employees that stay updated with the new technology developments and who can solve problems, and are interested in minds that are creative in their area of interest.

There is a variety of technologies coming up such as mobile development, algorithm design, web architecture, data processing, etc. Learning these skills is becoming very important recently as they are offering a wide variety of exciting career opportunities. So a computer science student must be able to work on some real-world project ideas for upcoming technologies. The more you work on the new project ideas the more it will be beneficial for you as you are able to learn new tools and technologies.

This article is perfect for those who are looking for new Btech final-year projects for CSE. We are providing a brief summary of the project ideas for clear understanding.

Final Year Projects for Computer Science Students are:

1. Brain Tumor Detection using image segmentation

Brain Tumor Detection using image segmentation

Brain tumor detection is one of the important projects for those students who are interested in machine and deep learning. The detection of the brain tumor at a very early stage is a very difficult task for doctors trying to find the tumor through MRI images but the images are more prone to noises and environmental interferences. Hence there came the need to develop a system to detect the brain tumor using images.

The process is straightforward. In this, the image is converted into a grayscale image. The images are applied filters to remove the noise and other interferences. The system generates the image processing steps that are applied to the images the user selects. The algorithm is applied to the image to detect the brain tumor. Image segmentation is applied to the image to get the edges of the image with proper accuracy. The only disadvantage of this project is that it works on MRI images.

The implementation of this project would be able to save many people’s lives as its application of allowing to detection of the tumor at the early stages will help the doctors help save the patient by giving the appropriate treatment.

Source Code: Brain Tumor Detection using image segmentation

2. Messenger app using Bluetooth Technology

This project is one of the interesting IT projects for the final year which comes under Btech final year projects for CSE where you have to create a messaging app that works like WhatsApp or any other chatting app which allows us to send messages using Bluetooth instead of the internet. Creating a working or functional app that runs on Bluetooth and helps to communicate with another person without doing any download and allows to send and receive the text that doesn’t make use of any internet connection.

This app is beneficial to use in places where there is no internet facility available or a poor connection. You would only need Bluetooth connectivity to send the messages in case of urgency.

Source Code: Messenger app using Bluetooth Technology

3. Fingerprint Voting System

Final Year Project- Fingerprint Voting System for Computer Science Students

A fingerprint voting system is a major project for CSE final year which is integrated from the manual voting process into the system database that uses the fingerprint to choose from the list of fingerprints, as each of the fingerprints is unique around the world, which helps in the election or determining the candidate that has cast the vote.

There are some problems that come up such as insecure or inaccessible polling stations, inadequate polling materials, etc. To avoid such problems and increase the speed and accuracy of the voting system the fingerprint voting system has come up that makes use of the biometrics voting system.

Source Code: Fingerprint Voting System

4. Product Review Analysis for Genuine Rating

The Product Review Analysis system helps the user to get registered to rate a particular product or multiple products with the help of the system.

The system uses the Product review analysis which is basically a web application that includes various products that are added by an admin user. The system accepts the reviews of the users, and depending on the opinion of the user, the system defines the product quality. We are making use of sentiment keywords which is having positive and negative weight, and based on the keyword the ranking of the review is done.

This system matches the review given by the user with the reviews in the database and depending on that rank the review of the product is done. Hence, this system helps to find out which is a good product and which one they can buy with the help of the reviews.

Source Code: Product Review Analysis for Genuine Rating

5. Android Battery saver System Project

Final Year Project- Android Battery saver System Project for Computer Science Students

The android battery saver is the system that consists of a list of applications that is making the battery usage and helps in determining the battery level. The system tells us if the Battery level is low and the apps are consuming more battery the system triggers an alarm and the System tells the user to close the application.

 The system makes use of the android studio and utilizes the phone’s data itself and projects it to the user. Hence the android battery system is the project which helps prevent the app to consume the battery power when they are not in use and allows the user to take some measures on it.

Source Code: Android Battery saver System Project

6. Crime Rate Prediction

Final Year Project- Crime Rate Prediction for Computer Science Students

Crime Rate is increasing day by day in many countries and also in our surroundings. To get over this there must be some prediction system to find out the crimes happening around us.  The Crime Rate prediction system is been introduced to help reduce the crime rate. For this  K-means algorithm is used to analyze and predict the crimes  The data of the crimes is fed into the prediction system while we make use of the data mining algorithms for the crime prediction.

K-means algorithm will do the collaboration and dissolution of organized crime groups, find out various relevant crime patterns, what are the hidden links, and performs link prediction and analysis of the crime data. The crime data and data stored in the database are cross-checked. The data mining algorithm plays an important role in extracting information and pattern prediction. The clustering of the crimes is done and the crime details are stored in a database where criminal history can be checked once the admin enters the details.

Source Code: Crime Rate Prediction

 7. Chatbot Song Recommender System

Nowadays music has become an integral part of life. We can see that people have been attached to music through various social media platforms such as Tiktok etc and hence a lot of influence on the music. As there is an emotion-based recommendation system it permits the listener to listen to the music based on their emotions.

In this project, we develop a personalized system, where the chatbot determines the current emotions of the user tries to identify the sentiments of the user and asks some questions. The user provides some input, and the chatbot determines and analyzes the emotions of the individual and generates the playlist. The system makes use of the APIs that help in playlist generation.

Source Code: Chatbot Song Recommender System

8. Resume Builder Web Application

Once the student comes to the final year the most important task is to build a resume where most beginners couldn’t understand all the important points that must be included in the resume. As well as many working professionals from any industry find resume building a tedious task.

The resume needs to be short, and simple, must include the current work experience and should be constantly updated.

Source Code: Resume Builder Web Application

9. Bookmark Keeper final year project for computer engineering

When you want the URL to be used frequently, we mostly bookmark that page on the browser to be used next time. While it becomes difficult to manage the bookmark when you use multiple browsers and on which browser you have bookmarked the URL makes it feel quite challenging. You find it tiring to remember the keyword and find the bookmarked URL on every browser.

This project makes use of the bash script that allows fetching the bookmarks from the browsers which is on your system. They will filter only those words that contain the keyword which will help us get the argument.

Source Code: Bookmark Keeper

10. Library Management system

Final Year Project- Library Management system for Computer Science Students

One of the most common and important project topics which is considered while doing Btech final year projects for CSE is the library management system. The schools and colleges mostly use some software to keep the record of the data. The Library management system is one of them that is used to keep the records of the books present in the library.

The system mainly keeps the information of the books issued, available books, etc all these tasks are done by using the CRUD operation on the data, and the process of serialization is used to store all the information of the books in files.

Source Code: Library Management System


Here we have covered some popular Final Year Projects for Computer Science Students which would be fruitful once you add to your resume and make it more attractive. These projects will help you to improve your programming skills, improve your basic understanding of language, upskill your practical knowledge as well as helps you learn more.

Hope you find this article useful. You can let us know if you know more innovative project topics to add. Keep visiting our website.

Thank you for reading this article.

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