Top 15 Android Projects for Resume


In this post, we’ll see the Top 15 Android Projects for Resume for beginners before progressing to intermediate and advanced levels. We have searched enough on the Internet to find the best android projects which should fit in your cv or resume to save you time. Let’s get started.

Here is the list of Top 15 Android Projects for Resume:

  1. Attendance Management App
  2. Blood Bank App
  3. Smart Home Lights Project Automation
  4. Library Management with SMS alert
  5. Vehicle Number Plate Recognition Android Project for Resume
  6. Health Monitoring System
  7. Calorie Calculator Android App for Resume
  8. Easy Document Sharing Android App for Resume
  9. Online restaurants seat booking system
  10. Lost and Found System
  11. Automatic brightness control of the device
  12. Location Finding Application
  13. A Scientific Calculator Android Projects for Resume
  14. Photo Viewing application
  15. Checked Android App for Resume

Let’s understand all of them in detail.

1. Attendance Management App

Attendance Management App

This software will aid with student attendance management. Currently, attendance is taken using an excel sheet, which is time intensive. This method will track attendance semester by semester as well as monthly. It will also produce reports depending on the formula supplied. These reports will make the task easier and more efficient.

As a platform, it will require Android Studio. Java or Kotlin coding. You’d need to utilise XML or JSON for the user interface. The home screen, excel sheet connection, report generator, and attendance poster are all modules.

Students’ attendance might be filled by users. It will also create a list of students depending on their attendance, such as over 75, 65-75, and less than 65. This project is good for all levels of Android Project for Resume.

Tutorial – tutorials/attendance management app android

Source Code – online attendance management system Android Project

2. Blood Bank Android App for Resume

blood bank app

This Blood Bank system will aid in the preservation of blood group records. It will be beneficial to people in need. It will include the blood donor’s contact information as well as all blood types. The results will be shown based on the locations.

Android Studio, Java, and XML will all be required. Notifications and push notifications would be required. These notifications will be issued to those who are in close proximity to the person in need. It would be necessary to deploy Android’s location-based services for this.

Users may register as donors by providing their contact information, city, and blood group. Other users in need of blood might utilise them to contact local blood donors.

Source Code –

3. Smart Home Lights Project Automation

Smart Home Lights Project Automation

We are intrigued by this list of android topics. This programme is built on controlling and automating lighting using an application. It will aid in dimming or turning on or off the lights. It is, undoubtedly, the most convenient method of controlling the lights. It will allow us to switch all of the lights on or off at once.

Bluetooth modules, capacitors, sockets, switches, adapters, LCDs, and bulb holders are required. Resistors, transistors, diodes, buttons, LEDs, and integrated circuits in Android Studio, Java, and XML would be required for the application.

This is simple to operate because the ON/OFF button controls the brightness of the light. The brightness of the light may be adjusted using the up and down buttons. This can be one of the best Android projects for Resume, you must try this, this should be an easy android project for anyone.

Tutorial- home-automation-lights-controlling code

Source code- home automation lights controlling system code

4. Library Management with SMS alert

Library Management with SMS alert

This is a good concept for an Android basic app. This system will aid in the management of user information, books, punishments, and so on.

 This application would need the usage of Android Studio, Java, and XML. There will be an SMS Alert feature. Users may send SMS straight to any phone number; to achieve this, an SMS Manager would be implemented while coding. Additionally, users can receive responses by SMS.

This programme will have two modules- admin and user. The administrator will be able to view total books, the total issued books, returned books, and other similar data. The administrator may also see who has issued and not returned books. Users, on the other hand, will be able to check their issued books history and the pending books as well. The user will also be able to check the available books.

Tutorial- library system SMS notification html

Source code-

5. Vehicle Number Plate Recognition Android App for Resume

Vehicle Number Plate Recognition App

This programme will aid in the automated recognition of automobile license plates. The number plate of a car is the only one that can uniquely identify the vehicle. This programme will be useful because it operates in real-time. Working in real-time using this software will guarantee that the traffic system is controlled in an efficient manner. This software will automatically determine the number of moving cars.

The essential needs for this application are also Android Studio, Java/Kotlin, and XML/JSON. Automatic plate recognition is accomplished in two ways- vehicle number plate extraction and optical character recognition. In this Android Project for Resume, the detection is accomplished by extraction from the license plate in this case. The OCR algorithm is fed the extracted and segmented characters.

It would be beneficial to simply control traffic. It will also assist those who need to note the number of a car at toll plazas or wherever else. It is effective in high-security places such as parking lots. This android project with source code will offer thorough information on the project’s internal data flow as well as its architecture.

Source code- number plate recognition

6. Health Monitoring System

Health Monitoring System

This programme will assist people of all ages in tracking their health. As the name implies, a health monitoring system and its operation. It will compute practically everything so that it can keep a close eye on your health. It can assist with a variety of things such as BMI, food, and walking. Not only that, but it will also remind you to get enough sleep and drink. It will also save your medication schedule in its database and assist you with it on a regular basis.

You’d definitely need Android Studio and a thorough understanding of logical programming. Java or Kotlin can be used for coding. You can use XML or JSON for the user interface. As a sophisticated android project, this application will undoubtedly rely on artificial intelligence.

The users would like this since their health will be checked. They must log in and enter their information, which will be saved in the programme. This information will be used to create a routine for the users and to compute everything.

Source code- Personal-Health-Monitoring-System

7. Calorie Calculator Android Project for Resume

Calorie Calculator App

This programme will function similarly to our dietitians. For example, when we go to nutritionists, they ask for our thorough regular job as well as our height, age, weight, and so on. These will also be collected as data by this app. And it develops the diet chart for us based on that data. It also tracks our calorie intake and workouts. This software will calculate your BMI using Artificial Intelligence.

This programme requires Android Studio, Java, and XML. The device will compute BMI and provide a diet plan based on the AI. Users would have to create a profile. It will be simple for them because the software would be simple to use and user-friendly.

Source code – Calorie Calculator

8. Easy Document Sharing App

Easy Document Sharing App

This tool is designed to make it easier for faculty and students to share documents. This is a unique approach that allows faculty to effortlessly exchange data with students.

You will use Android Studio, Java, and XML to create this application. There are two modules- students and faculty. Both will be required to log in using their individual credentials. This system may be constructed on an internet server and uploaded and downloaded by instructors and students.

Faculty from several disciplines can upload documents to their relevant departments. Faculty can also modify or amend the submitted document, as well as delete it. The materials that are relevant to the pupils would need to be downloaded.

Source code – Sharing APPLICATION

9. Online restaurants seat booking system

Online restaurants seat booking system

This programme might be useful for someone who wants to go out for lunch or supper at a restaurant but cannot wait in huge lines. As a result, people may simply book/reserve restaurant seats in advance.

Android Studio may be used to create the project. The code may be done in either Java or Kotlin, depending on preference. You may also pick between XML and JSON for the user interface. There will be two modules- one for eateries to register with the application and one for customers to use. The other allows consumers to book a seat at eateries.           

In this Android App for Resume, users must log in and register on the app before they may search for their chosen hotels/restaurants. They’d also be recommended for adjacent eateries. They will also have the option to rank them.

Source code – seat booking system

10. Lost and Found System

Lost and Found System

This is an intriguing Android app concept. This method will help individuals discover items that may have been misplaced in places such as parking lots, parks, and communal spaces. This software may also be used for a specific community to communicate information about lost or discovered items such as keys.

For the application, you would need to utilise Java, XML, and Android Studio. Internet access would be desirable, but location access would be much better. Users will be able to share where they’ve lost and what they’ve lost using that app. They’ll also be able to notify others if they find anything and where they discovered it.

Source code – Lost and Found

11. Automatic brightness control of the device

Automatic brightness control of the device

This project will automatically alter the brightness of the device’s screen. This Android application primarily regulates the brightness of cell phones in low-light environments.

You must use Android Studio to create this application. This programme operates by analyzing picture features of the user’s face and backdrop. Using these photos assesses the contrast ratio and determines the device’s brightness.

Users must give the app permission to control the device’s brightness. So that the app may control and alter the brightness of the device.

Source code – Android brightness controller

12. Location Finding Application

Location Finding Application

This application is another basic yet excellent concept for the Android Mini project. It will give you the precise location of the gadget you are using. That is, it can tell you where you are at any time. Isn’t it fascinating?

This application will make advantage of Android’s location-based services. Furthermore, in order to access location-based services on Android, you must need Java. You may use either XML or JSON for the user interface. You will give a button that, when clicked, will display the device’s position. Android displays the location in terms of longitude and latitude. You may also make it an addressable location.

The user would be presented with a simple user interface with a “Find my location” button. When the user selects the Find My Location button, the programme will show them their current location.

Source code – location finding application

13. A Scientific Calculator Android Project for Resume

A Scientific Calculator App

This application is critical for you as a beginner since it allows you to utilize logical thinking and enhance your programming abilities. This is a scientific calculator that will allow users to easily do numerous computations.

This application would require the usage of Android Studio. The calculations in this case would need the application of arithmetic logic. The user would need to give input to the application that will be in terms of numbers. After that, the user will give the operator input. Then the Application will calculate and generate the result on the user screen.

Source code – Scientific Calculator App

14. Photo Viewing application

Photo Viewing application

This photo-viewing software for Android smartphones is designed to make it easier for users to see photos on their devices. This allows visitors to view the image from various perspectives, allowing them to better evaluate the photographs. It will also allow viewers to zoom in and out of the image.

For the front end, this application will make use of Android Studio, as well as Java and XML. Users can also see the photographs in various arrangements. Different layouts of the programme might help with this.

Users do not need to register or sign in to use this programme; they may simply use it. Only they would need to allow the application permission to see the device’s photographs. This is also a recommended Android Project for Resume.

Source code – photo viewing App

15. Checked Android App

Checked Android App
  • Add and manage tasks
  • Overview of all your studies at a glance
  • Set task due dates
  • Beautiful Material design and interface
  • Dark Mode (Toggle Coming soon)
  • Data stored offline all locally on your device
  • Edit task animation fixed on close

Source Code- Checked Android App


Here we are committed to providing you with all the android resources- tutorials, practicals, interview guides, and projects to make an android expert. We started with basic android projects that will help you as a beginner to learn android app development. Apart from basic projects, we have provided intermediate and advanced Android Projects for Resume, which are suitable for professionals with basic android knowledge. We hope you enjoyed reading this post.


Author: Ayush Purawr