Guidelines for Project Collaboration Process


Thanks for contacting

Please send complete details about your project.

Whatever features/requirements you want in your project/application/software, please write now, changes/updates later will/may not be entertained

Necessary – Tell your budget

Payments – You will need to pay according to milestones, let me explain.

Let us say, there are 5 tasks in your project, then you will need to pay for every task we complete like this-

task 1 – payment 1
task 2 – payment 2
task 3 – payment 3
task 4 – payment 4
task 5 – rest payment

We will send you a video for every task

Note- Don’t ask me/developer for direct contact with the developer, it will cancel our deal.

If this sounds good to you and you want to proceed further, please send complete details about your project.

Thank you


Author: Yogesh Kumar