The system of the binary conversion

The binary number system defines a number in a binary system. You only find the number in a two-number system the 1 and the 0. The binary number system is an alternative system of representation to the decimal number system. The decimal number system is from (0 to 9) and has a base of 10 and it is used in everyday life. You need to understand electronic devices only to understand the language of the binary system.

The binary calculator makes it possible to convert a number into a binary to decimal. You need to understand the binary addition and subtraction while using the binary system. Binary numbers are the basics of learning the machine language if you are able to convert the numbers from binary to decimal, or hexadecimal. Then it would become easy to find all the values.

What is a binary system?

The binary means “two”, this draws the conclusion of representing the number in terms of binary number. The base of the number is base 2, and it only has two values 1 and 0. You can represent the number 2 by the number 10, you may find the difficulty in the addition and subtraction of the binary numbers. The binary addition calculator makes it possible to draw the possible outcome of the binary numbers. This makes it possible to apply the various mathematical operations on the binary number. You may find the binary multiplication a little different from the decimal number.

Why use the binary system?

The binary system makes it possible to simplify the design of the computer system. The electronic devices only identify the language on and off, and it is critical to simplify the conversion. You may be surprised to learn that even the letters of the alphabet are identified by binary numbers.  This code is known to be the ASCII code, for example, the ASCII code of the letter “a” is 97 letters “b” is 98. This number is first converted into a binary number then the machine is going to recognize the number. The binary calculator can be used to identify the binary subtraction of the binary number.

Binary number system chart:

The binary number for the number 2 is 1 and 0, and for the number 7, it is 111. 

The binary number chart from the numbers 1 to 10 is given by:


The binary calculator can be used to simplify the number 20 and it is 10100 for the number.

How to add the numbers?

The binary number is added by the same rules and decimal addition, but it carries 1 as carry instead of 10. The binary calculator can add the numbers when you are going to add two binary numbers.

A + BSumCarry
0 + 000
0 + 110
1 + 010
1 + 101

For example, when adding the numbers 0 + 0 the answer is 0. The number 0 + 1 the answer is 1 and we are carrying 0. If you are able to add the number and are able to find their carry then it becomes easy to determine the number and the ultimate carry values. 


The binary numbers are the basic in the conversion system. You may encounter the octal, hexadecimal, and decimal number system. But you need to convert them to binary numbers and make it possible to find all the values convertible to the machine language.


Author: Yogesh Kumar