Become Job Ready With Free Harvard Computer Science course: Enroll Now

Become Job Ready With Free Harvard Computer Science course: Enroll Now


Hello friends, welcome to my blog, today, I will show you a free computer science course in which you or anyone can enroll and directly learn from the best educators and one of the best universities in the world i.e. Harvard. This course is free and covers all the basic topics and technologies required during any computer science course and programming course like data structures, algorithms, C language, memory, web development, etc. Let’s start.

Course NameIntroduction to Computer Science
SyllabusBasic Computer science and programming
Duration11 weeks
EligibilityAnyone can enroll

Course Syllabus


  • Learn from the best in the world
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Notes for each lecture are available for free
  • Source code and lecture slides are also available for free
  • Everything is free
  • This course covers almost all of the syllabus that is required for job interview with deep and practical explanation

Why take this course?

If you are a computer science graduate or enrolled in a computer science course, then you must take this course because this course covers all the fundamentals of computer science. When we apply for a job, in the interview, interviewers mostly ask 3 things that is data structures and algorithms, Database, and skills-based questions if our skill is Python with web development then the interviewer will ask Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and framework we learn for web development using Python like flask. All this is already covered in this course and that’s why I suggest everyone enroll in this course.


Author: Yogesh Kumar