Displaying Images in tkinter

Displaying Images in tkinter

Hello guys, as usual we are sharing one more source code using which you can display images inside your GUI screen of tkinter

We will restrict ourselves to .png format only. For .jpg format, we have given an example as comments

Tkinter GUI is a python library which is designed in such a way that it’s use is very easy and also there you will take very less time to learn it

In this code, we have imported full tkinter using

from tkinter import *

Then we have created a reference to create the root to the screen using

root = Tk()

Now let’s set the screen size using


Note: Here ‘x‘ is small case letter

After setting size, we are loading image using PhotoImage, then assigning an image to the label and finally packing it

photo = PhotoImage(file="imagename.png")
myimage = Label(image=photo)

Then we set a simple text using Label widget and pack it as well

text = Label(text="this is my gui")                                                                                           text.pack()

Now, to call the GUI screen we need to type


Now let’s have a look at the full source code.

Full Code

from tkinter import *
root = Tk()
# width x height
photo = PhotoImage(file="imagename.png")
myimage = Label(image=photo)
# for jpg format
# image = Image.open("imagename.jpg")
# photo = ImageTk.PhotoImage(image)
# myimage = Label(image=photo)
# myimage.pack()
text = Label(text="this is my gui")


Source: google

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