Python 3.12.1 is Now Available

Python 3.12.1 is Now Available

Thursday, December 7, 2023

Python enthusiasts, rejoice! Python 3.12.1, the first maintenance release of Python 3.12, is now available for download here. This update packs over 400 bugfixes, build enhancements, and documentation changes since 3.12.0.

The 3.12 series introduces major features, including:

  • More flexible f-string parsing (PEP 701).
  • Buffer protocol support in Python code (PEP 688).
  • New debugging/profiling API (PEP 669).
  • Isolated subinterpreters with separate Global Interpreter Locks (PEP 684).
  • Improved error messages, Linux perf profiler support, and significant performance boosts.

Type annotations see improvements with a new syntax for generic classes (PEP 695) and a handy override decorator for methods (PEP 698).

Deprecations include the removal of outdated Unicode object members and several old modules. Notable is the warning for invalid backslash escape sequences in strings (now SyntaxWarning).

For a quick dive into Python 3.12’s offerings, explore the What’s New in Python 3.12 documentation. Upgrade now to experience the latest advancements and optimizations in Python!


Author: Yogesh Kumar