Comments in Python

Comments in python or any programming language are assumed to be non-readable parts of any program by the compiler/interpreter.

Comments are used to explain any code, make the code more readable, and prevent execution when testing code.

There are two types of comments:

  1. Single-Line Comments
  2. Multi-line Comments

1. Single-Line Comments in Python

Single line comments start with “#” and can be used anywhere in a program, see the example below


# This is a single line comment in Python
print("We are learning comments in Python")
print("Nothing")  # This is an inline comment


We are learning comments in Python

2. Multi-Line Comments in Python

In python, single quotes() and double quotes() represents the same meaning.

If you put anything inside a multiline string(triple quotes) anywhere in your code then that will be called multiline comments, see the example below.


print("Example of multiline comments")
"""This is
    a multiline
    comment in python
'''This is also
    a multiline comment
    in python with the
    help of single quotes


Example of multiline comments