Top 5 Free Python Courses on YouTube in 2024

Top 5 free Python courses on YouTube in 2024

Hello friends, welcome again to our website, today, I will show you the best free Python courses available on YouTube. When we begin, we seek help from our seniors like the people who already lived the same journey we are going to live. We can find seniors in our local places or online on the Internet. We will be talking about the online version only.

On YouTube or on websites over Google, there are many free tutorials and courses and this becomes confusing for a beginner which one to choose and we seek help from some at that time. So, I am here to help you today in this matter. I studied Python in 2019 for the first time so I have around 4 years of experience with Python. I will tell you the top 5 free Python courses on YouTube. Let’s start.

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1. python course

This is a well-known name in the programming industry. is a website where they post free programming and technology tutorials and now they also own a YouTube channel where they post the same through videos. is a charitable community. Their YouTube tutorials are good as they ask the best coders around the world to make coding tutorials for their YouTube channels. There are many Python tutorials on’s YouTube and I am listing them below.

  1. From Mike
  2. From Harvard University
  3. Dev Gray

2. Programming with Mosh

mosh python course

Probably a legend. There was an era when people started to come to YouTube and YouTube saw massive growth. At that time, there were not many good coding tutorials on YouTube, and then some legendary teachers joined YouTube and Mosh is one of them. He has many interactive tutorials and his Python course is one of the best on YouTube. YouTube does not allow updating videos and Mosh has an old Python tutorial but the version is Python 3 so it’s still good to go with his tutorial. Click here to access the Python course from Mosh.

3. edureka!

edureka! python course

edureka! is a famous programming and technology website from Brain4ce Education Solutions Pvt. Ltd. in Bangalore, India. They have a YouTube channel where they post regular free programming tutorials. Selecting and studying from their YouTube channel is also a good choice because as a company they need to increase their sales of their training courses and to attract sales they have to post good content. They are probably the best when we talk about regularity because they have many Python course videos and you can choose anyone to master Python. Here is the list:

  1. Python Tutorial No. 1
  2. Python tutorial No. 2
  3. Python tutorial No. 3
  4. Python tutorial No. 4

4. CodeWithHarry

codewithharry python course

If you want to learn Python in Hindi language then codewithharry is the best. He started his YouTube channel in 2018 during his final year of graduation. His coding knowledge is very good and he explained every concept in deep. He has also provided handwritten notes on various coding tutorials which helps a lot to revise concepts quickly. For this Python course as well, he has provided notes. His Python course is completely free and the duration of the course is around 11.22 hours. Click here to access his complete Python course.

5. Simplilearn

simplilearn python course

Like edureka! they are also a company that provides programming tutorials and training courses for the IT industry but we should have more than 1 choice to choose from and that’s why I am listing Simplilearn. They are also a good choice to learn Python from their free and interactive Python course which has a duration of 12 hours. Click here to access their Python course on YouTube.


Author: Yogesh Kumar