Top 5 Websites to Learn Programming in 2024

Top 5 Websites to Learn Programming in 2024

Hello friends, welcome again, today, I will show you the 5 best websites for a beginner to learn programming in 2024 which I also used during my college times to learn programming. You will find many websites online on Google but all are not beginner-friendly. When we start our journey to learn something new like programming then we want things should be explained in the easiest manner available and the websites I am going to tell you are also very simple, straightforward, and to the point and that’s why I recommend them for beginners. Let’s start.

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Top 5 websites to learn programming in 2024 are:

1. w3schools

learning from w3schools

I love this website and the reasons are:

  1. Website design(best in the world)
  2. Beginner’s friendly explanation
  3. To the point explanation
  4. Oldest(old is gold 😉)
  5. Exercise at the end of each tutorial
  6. In-built compiler for every concept practice is the largest and oldest programming website. This website still holds the crown of largest traffic as it has around 52 million views per month. When it comes to tutorials on this website almost all famous programming tutorials are available on this website. Check this list below:

  • C C++ 

2. GeeksForGeeks

learning programming from geeksforgeeks

There is not much to say about geeksforgeeks as they do not need any introduction, this website is famous for data structures and algorithms i.e. primarily for competitive coding. In India, if someone is looking to prepare for coding placements then he needs one thing only i.e. geeksforgeeks. But they not only offer competitive coding tutorials but other programming tutorials as well, I will not restrict myself from saying that this website has the largest programming content.

Content is generally written by college students but is reviewed and then posted on the website to avoid any ambiguity. You will find many tutorials for 1 topic here to explain in more than 1 way. According to my knowledge, when it comes to the number of tutorials, they probably offer the most tutorials. They offer tutorials on almost all programming languages.

3. Programiz

learning programming from programiz

Programiz offers tutorials on the most famous programming languages. Their UI/design is also attractive and you will not find so many ads to distract you while learning something from this website. They offer tutorials on the following programming languages: Python 3, JavaScript, SQL, HTML, R, C, C++, Java, Rust, Go, Kotlin, Swift, C#, and DSA. As you can see, they do not offer tutorials on many programming languages but are unique as they offer tutorials mostly on basic programming languages and concepts. They do not offer tutorials on advanced concepts in any programming languages.

4. TutorialsPoint


Unlike others, tutorialspoint offers very very simple programming tutorials. They offer programming tutorials in almost every programming language and in all domains. They offer basic and advanced programming tutorials but you do not worry about the advanced word as you can learn what you want. They have categorized tutorials according to domains like Development, IT and Networking, Data Science and AI ML, Cyber Security, etc. One more unique thing is their UI/design which is they follow a black-and-white concept of design and you can even print the web page you are reading.

5. Simplilearn


Unlike others, Simplilearn is a training and placement company i.e. they help others learn programming and technology. They tie up with companies to teach their employees to learn programming. They also offer programming boot camps for college students and working professionals(to change careers or increase their salary). To attract new students, they offer free programming tutorials on their website. Their programming tutorials have deep explanations for every concept and if you learn from them then you will not miss any concept related to the topic.

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I hope you enjoyed my blog on the Top 5 Websites to Learn Programming in 2024, I have told you the website that I used to learn from during my college time. If you have any queries, email me at


Author: Yogesh Kumar