Download 1000+ Projects, All B.Tech & Programming Notes, Job, Resume & Interview Guide, and More – Get Your Ultimate Programming Bundle!

Download 1000+ Projects, All B.Tech & Programming Notes, Job, Resume & Interview Guide, and More – Get Your Ultimate Programming Bundle!


Hello friends and welcome again today, I will give you something that will help you throughout your programming journey, no matter whether you are starting our or an experienced guy who is looking to increase his salary. Today, I am going to share with you a programming bundle under which you will find these things:

  • 1000+ Programming projects
  • B.Tech CSE All Semester Notes
  • Programming Notes
  • Interview Questions
  • Interview & Job Placement Guide
  • Basic Cybersecurity Guide
  • Sample Resumes
  • Roadmaps to learn different technologies
  • Soft Skill Development Guide
  • Important Tools and Software Guide
  • Version Control System Guide
  • Useful Online resources
  • and more

programming projects bundle

1000+ Programming Projects

When I was in college, I searched Google for many online resources and one of the most searched terms of my searches was similar to “best programming projects with source code”. Even today I search all these related terms and my friends did this too because we all want project source code so that we can directly run and understand how programming projects are created and how they work.

Now, I have collected enough programming projects since I started learning so I am thinking of helping everyone by sharing my 1000+ programming projects in the bundle. These projects are not only from one programming language, these are from most of the important programming languages as I have collected these projects from my friends too. If you get these projects then I don’t think you will need anything else or need to search online.

Internship & Job Placement Guide

Not just projects, I have also given you with internship and job placement guide. As I was preparing to get internships and jobs during my placement I collected so many materials. Now, I have summarized all that collected material for you so that it becomes easy for you to prepare for internships and jobs. If you are preparing for an internship or a job or want to switch your job then my guide will actually help you if you give your 100% to it.

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B.Tech All Semester notes

While studying in your college classes, the teacher teaches you on a blackboard and it’s not possible to write everything most of the time we do not match the speed of the teacher and we are left behind and not just this, while we try to match our writing speed with the teacher we are unable to understand what teacher actually teaching. That’s why, in this programming bundle I have included All my notes from all semester so that you do not need to worry about collecting notes from your friends or roaming over the internet.


There are many reasons that you should have my programming bundle and I have explained to you some benefits of my programming bundle. Not only this, but my programming bundle includes much more but everything can not be explained here so I suggest you go to this link and check all the benefits of my programming bundle. I hope you will benefit from my programming bundle and that your programming journey will become easy.

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Author: Yogesh Kumar