Udacity Giving Free Python Course: Here is how to Enroll

Udacity Giving Free Python Course: Here is how to Enroll

Hello friends, welcome again, in this article, I will show you an outstanding Python course available on a worldwide famous platform i.e. Udacity, and the surprising thing is that it’s completely free. This course is beginner’s friendly and is of 14 hours duration with no prerequisites to enroll, you need to go to the website link(provided below) and click on the “Learn For Free” to enroll in the course. Now, let’s start and see the course in more detail.

Course NameIntroduction to Python Programming
Platform NameUdacity
Course Duration14 hours
Number of Lessons7
Course typeRecorded
Instructor NameJuno Lee(Data scientist at Looplist)
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Syllabus of Free Python Course from Udacity

  1. Why Python Programming
  2. Data Types and Operators
  3. Data Structures
  4. Control Flow
  5. Functions
  6. Scripting
  7. Advanced Topics

Why Learn Python?

We all know that Python is the most widely used programming language, whether it’s software development or Data Science, Python can be used anywhere. It’s the most beginner-friendly language among all the programming languages. Also, Python has slowly replaced C/C++ to become the “first programming language to learn” by anyone because of its simplicity and popularity. There are many reasons to learn Python of which I presented you just some reasons, if you want to know more reasons, click here.

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Author: Yogesh Kumar