Download YouTube Video Using Python

Download YouTube Video Using Python

This is just a two-line youtube video downloader python program but to explain it in a better way we have used the comments.

If you want the source code for the GUI application to download YouTube Video then click here.

So, first, let’s see the two-line code to download any youtube video.

from pytube import YouTube

We have explained this program in every line to make it understand easily for you.

You can download the pytube module using"pip install pytube" but if this gives you the error then you should try "pip install pytube3" inside your terminal.

Now, let’s see the code and understand.


# importing YouTube from pytube
from pytube import YouTube
# asking user to enter link
link = input("Enter the link ")
# showing user that the process has started
# main code to download Video
# showing user that the video has downloaded
print("Video downloaded successfully")


Enter the link 
Video downloaded successfully

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  1. You can download multiple videos if you use tupple
    urls = (‘link1′,’link2’,’link3’…)
    for i in urls:

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