YouTube Video Downloader Using Python

YouTube Video Downloader Using Python

This is just a two-line program but to convert it to GUI YouTube Video Downloader is a bit longer still, this program of GUI YouTube Video Downloader is less than 25 lines.

But still, if you want that two-line program then click here.

We have explained this program in every line to make it understand easily for you.

We have created two entry widgets, one to ask the user to enter the URL or link of a YouTube video and the other to add that link.

Then, we have called the download function using the “Download Video” button.

You can download the pytube module using"pip install pytube" but if this gives you the error then you should try "pip install pytube3" inside your terminal.

Now, let’s see the code and understand.


# importing tkinter
from tkinter import *
# importing YouTube module
from pytube import YouTube
# initializing tkinter
root = Tk()
# setting the geometry of the GUI
# setting the title of the GUI
root.title("Youtube video downloader application")
# defining download function
def download():
    # using try and except to execute program without errors
        link.set("Video downloaded successfully")
    except Exception as e:
        link.set("Enter correct link")

# created the Label widget to welcome user
Label(root, text="Welcome to youtube\nDownloader Application", font="Consolas 15 bold").pack()
# declaring StringVar type variable
myVar = StringVar()
# setting the default text to myVar
myVar.set("Enter the link below")
# created the Entry widget to ask user to enter the url
Entry(root, textvariable=myVar, width=40).pack(pady=10)
# declaring StringVar type variable
link = StringVar()
# created the Entry widget to get the link
Entry(root, textvariable=link, width=40).pack(pady=10)
# created and called the download function to download video
Button(root, text="Download video", command=download).pack()
# running the mainloop


YouTube Video Downloader Using Python

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