New secrets to Earn money with Python in 2024

New secrets to Earn money with Python in 2024

Hello friends and welcome again to your favourite blog where you get useful tips and tricks that help you make your life easier while learning new things. Today, I will tell you some of the most in-demand and proven methods to earn money with Python in 2024. We all know that everything has changed since the half of 2022 as we have finally been introduced to AI and already started using AI tools. OpenAI shocked the world when they introduced ChatGPT and other tools. Since then we saw the introduction of 1000+ AI tools every month. That’s a huge number, Am I right? 🙄. So, money is flowing very fast as the tools are getting developed and used by people around the world.

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So, now we can understand that many people are getting rich by creating and selling AI tools. If they can sell then why not you?

New secrets to Earn money with Python in 2024

But, selling AI tools is not the only method, there are other methods too.

Before we go ahead, I want to clarify that you will find many people who will suggest you not try things as the competition is too much, and making a place in the industry is so tough now and impossible. But, I will suggest you try side-by-side, not to leave your core things like your studies or jobs as the methods I am going to tell you will not require your full time.

Methods to Earn Money with Python in 2024

Now, let’s see the most proven and secret methods to earn money with Python in 2024

1. Starting a Blog

making a website

Open your laptop, purchase a domain, purchase hosting, connect the domain and hosting, install WordPress, write the blog, and that’s it. I am also a Python blogger, I do Python blogging on Instagram and this website i.e. Do you want to know how much I make per month? Minimum $300 and maximum $2000. Yes, it’s that much variable. This all depends on the season, like when there is holiday time, traffic goes almost half or even less else during college times, I make enough good.

2. Teach Python Online

teaching python

You will not believe but one friend in my circle makes around $18,000 per month easily by just teaching live Python classes. He does have a secret model so it’s easy for him but not for everyone. So, yes, teaching in live classes and training students with Python programming can also be a good option for anyone who wants to earn with Python in 2024.

3. YouTube channel

teaching on youtube

You may think now that there are many YouTube channels already, why someone will prefer you? Let me tell you, programming is an ever-evolving technology so there will always be some space for YouTube Programming tutorials because the tutorials that you see on YouTube are old now, some of them are almost 10 years old and only a fool will study from those old videos.

4. Udemy Course

i am a udemy teacher

As I already told you programming is an ever-evolving technology not only YouTube tutorials are getting old but Udemy courses are also getting old day by day so making an Udemy course is also a good option but I will suggest you do a proper research and try to be creative while creating tutorial videos.

5. Integrating OpenAI with Python

merging python with ai and chatgpt

As I initially talked about ChatGPT is an AI tool and a product of OpenAI, now, let me tell you that OpenAI has provided its API key to train ChatGPT on your own data. This means you can use the power of ChatGPT and make your own AI tools and sell them to anyone. You can also create chatbots on specific data and sell them to your clients. You can directly contact businesses and ask them if they require chatbots to efficiently answer their customer queries for a seamless experience. To know what other things you can do with ChatGPT and Python, click here.

I hope you enjoyed my article and learned something new which may help you to start something side by side while continuing what you were doing before like a job or studies. You can ask any queries to me at


Author: Yogesh Kumar