Why Learn Python? |Explained|

Why Learn Python? |Explained|

        Why Learn Python? complete explanation-> Nowadays, we all are wondering through our sights, imagination, and thoughts about the scenario after and along in this pandemic time! But, Yes, ‘Learning doesn’t stop and it Shouldn’t!’, right?  So, in this article, we will found the answer to “Why Learn Python?”.

               There are a lot of ways of learning surrounded by us. These days, especially due to this pandemic, online learning is one of the fastest and easiest ways to learn. Online learning has got more popularity or we can say it is the only option for us. When you hear the words like ‘online’, ‘websites’, ‘application’, etc. these all are related to the field of programming. As we are programmed biologically so as applications, internet devices, their phenomenon are programmed by means of either digital electronics or by coding.

            There are a lot of languages to help you to communicate with a computer, which only knows the machine-level language. With the help of these languages, we can code. Yes, Coding is an art. For this art, we should learn a tool of it i.e. programming language. These languages are not similar to each other, they differ in functionality, syntax, and applications.

              Some of the popular languages are JAVA, Python, JS, C, C++, HTML, CSS, Ruby, Scala, etc. Some of these languages are used to code for websites, some for android development, some for desktop applications, etc.

               As an ambitious person in the field of programming, having a coding interest and want to  pursue this interest whether you are related to the field of CS, IT or not, whether you are beginner or expert, No matter what, whether you know about ‘abcd’ of coding or  not, Yes you all can learn ‘Python!’

                If you’re seeking how you can grow your career in terms of technology, which is one of the trending career options, Python helps you through it!  

             According to the PyPI ratings, Slash Data Community, Developers Surveys, etc. surveys reports Python is one of the most Trending languages with 9+ million Active Software Developers and having shares of 29.72%  And why shouldn’t Python get this much fame?!

             Let’s see more on “Why Learn Python?”. Python has a highly impressive language design which makes it powerful, productive, elegant, and much simpler to learn!! Python is an interpreted, high-level, structured programming language with dynamic semantics. The name ‘Python’ actually from a circus name given by its founder Guido Van Rossum. Python supports lots of libraries, modules, and packages which make it worth it for many app developments. Web development with Python can also be possible with libraries like Flask, Django, etc.

            The best part of it is that this language is Open Source Programming Language i.e. you can contribute it with your own functions, libraries, modules, and packages!!! Its official website www.python.org has everything you want with Python – info, modules, libraries, and much more!

            As compared to other programming languages like JAVA, C, C++, Python is quite easy, syntactically. There are a lot of frameworks available in Python which makes the app, web development sustainable. Python is now becoming the most popular language.

             Python finds its application in most of the trending fields like – Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Internet of Things, Data Science, etc. You often give commands to the assistant on your phone and it follows your order, right? Let’s say we all have at least one (i.e. google assistant/Alexa/Siri) which follows our orders!! Well, that’s the fun part, let’s get to the point. These assistants are like robots and this technology is known as Artificial Intelligence. Image recognizations, speech recognization are the games of AI itself! This AI can be built by using libraries available in Python! You can program your robots, can do stack development, building your own applications!!

               If you are preparing for competitive coding, Python can be the best option because of its easy syntax and the code is more understandable. Remember, we get all we need to hear like this is good, do it or this is trending, do it but it will important and beneficial only when we learn, we try out by ourselves. This is what the point is. You have many resources to learn, you just need to start!

              We haven’t seen the future yet but we already know that technology, programming, coding all these terms gonna be taking massive growth day by day, year by year! And if you have an interest and passion to learn, to practice, to apply, you can be a part of this tasty thing! All you want to do is to learn Python thoroughly and Practice.

              Didn’t this has watered your mouth?? Well, I expect, it should. So gear this all up, make your interest worthiest, and color your future!!

             Steps are simple: Learn it | Do it | Practice it |  Make it Worth | 😊

             Wish You All The Very Very Best!!

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