• Python vs Java!
  • How to know which one is better?
  • Which one is for beginners?
  • Language one should you choose for building projects?
  • Which one should you choose for app development?
  • Which one should you choose for placements at product-based companies like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon, etc.?
  • Python or Java, which is better for machine learning and AI (Artificial Intelligence)?
  • What are the major differences between Python and Java?

This article is going to be a one-stop solution for developers to decide which language he/she should consider between Python vs Java.

Table of Contents:

  1. Let’s know about Java Language
  2. Let’s know about Python Language 
  3. The beginner’s dilemma: Which Programming Language to Learn First – Python or Java?
  4. Best Language for Placements / Competitive Programming: Python vs Java
  5. Java vs Python: Why and which one should you choose for building projects?
  6. Main Differences between Java and Python
  7. Trends: Python vs Java
  8. Python vs Java
  9. Final Thoughts

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Let’s know about Java Language

Java is an object-oriented, platform-independent, and high-level programming language. It is a general-purpose programming language designed to follow the write once, run anywhere rule. That means after compilation Java code can run on all platforms that support Java without the need for recompilation. After the compilation of Java code, bytecode is created that can run on any Java virtual machine (JVM) regardless of the underlying computer architecture. Also, Java is a statically typed language meaning that you have to specify the data type and Java is faster than Python.

Java Code Example

public class HelloWorld{
    public static void main(String []args){

Let’s know about Python Language

Python is also an object-oriented and High-level programming language just like Java but it is an interpreted language. It is dynamically typed which means you don’t need to specify the data type. This language is specially made for beginners to learn to program as it is very easy to learn. This language has rich library support. Python is widely used in Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Neural Networks, NLP, and Artificial Intelligence.

Python Code Example


Before going into more technical differences let’s first check out answers for your questions in order to save your time!

The beginner’s dilemma: Which Programming Language to Learn First Python or Java?

One word answer – Python.

Not Satisfied? Let’s find out the reason!

Choosing a language to start the coding journey is difficult, so having this dilemma is completely fine. If you’re going to start your coding journey, it is very important to choose the correct language. Bad choice of language can set you up for hating the coding or programming for a lifetime. Your 1st programming language is going to teach you the basics of programming which acts as a foundation. If you build your foundation strong then only you can make a strong building.

Python is a very easy language to learn. Its syntax is very simple as compared to other languages like Java, C, or C++. It’s just like giving commands in simple English(not exactly).

Using Python, you will be able to make fun programs (simple games) very early in your coding journey and that will boost your confidence to go for programming. Another reason to start with Python is that the community of python is huge so if you face any error you can easily find the solution. Python is widely used for Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Artificial Intelligence. So, if you have an interest in any of these fields Python is the best choice.

Key Points:

  1. Java is also good but it is not recommended for complete beginners.
  2. If your ultimate goal is to go into Android development then a better choice would be Java. So, go to Java!
  3. If you’re learning coding specifically for placements or for competitive programming, then also go for java!
  4. If your ultimate goal is to go into Web development then Python is good to go. You can learn the Python framework, Django after learning basic python.
  5. If you don’t know anything yet, you don’t know in which field you wanna go then don’t worry you can start with Python.
  6. It takes 10-15 days to learn another language after learning one language.

Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand.
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Best Language for Competitive Programming: Python vs Java

Short Answer Java or C++

Not Satisfied? Let’s find out the reason!

You can choose any language for competitive programming but python is not recommended because Python is slow as compared to Java or C++ and time of execution is a key factor in competitive programming.

Key Points:

  1. Some companies don’t allow Python in their coding rounds because Python has rich libraries to perform tasks.
  2. C++ is the most preferred language for competitive programming and for placement preparation. It is faster than Java and Python. It has the Standard Template Library.

Python vs Java: Why and which one should you choose for building projects?

Short answer – Python for ML, DL, and AI projects and Java for Android Development Project.   

Not Satisfied? Let’s find out the reason!

Python is a popular language for being concise and readable, allowing the developer to do the same things in less time with fewer lines of code.

According to the survey of stack overflow, Python is at rank #3 in most loved language and at rank #1 in most wanted language.

If you want to build projects in the field of machine learning, deep learning, neural networks, natural language processing, computer vision, artificial intelligence or any other subset of these then Python is the best choice.  If you want to build projects in android development, then Java is the best choice.

Key Points:

  1. If you want to build projects in Web Development then you can use any other language like HTML, CSS & Javascript.
  2. You can build web development projects using the Python framework, Django.
  3. Try to build projects in new technologies like Blockchain, Cryptography, AR, or VR.

Most good programmers do programming not because they expect to get paid or get adulation by the public, but because it is fun to program.
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Main Difference Between Java and Python

  1. Java is both compiled and interpreted, Python is interpreted only.
  2. Java is a statically typed language, Python is a dynamically typed language.
  3. Java is faster than Python in execution time.
  4. Python can do a task in a lesser number of lines of code as compared to Java.
  5. Java is popular for web and mobile applications, Python is popular for machine learning, artificial intelligence, data science, and IoT.
  6. Java offers stable connectivity, whereas Python offers weak connectivity.
  7. Java offers limited string functions, whereas Python offers lots of string related functions.
  8. Python offers both single and multiple inheritances. In Java, multiple inheritances are partially done using interfaces.
  9. Java uses curly braces {}  for defining a block, whereas Python uses indentation.
  10.  Famous companies using Java: Google, Uber, Spotify, Pinterest, etc.
  11. Famous companies using Python: Facebook, Instagram, Quora, Netflix, etc.

Trends: Python vs Java


Typing DisciplineStaticDynamic
Best ForDesktop GUI, Embedded SystemsData Science, ML, AI
Learning CurveSlightly difficult for beginnersVery easy to learn & use
Code LinesLonger linesShorter Lines
SyntaxThe semicolon is mandatory at the end of the statement Curly braces are used to define a block.No semicolon. Indentation is mandatory to define blocks.
LegacyJava legacy systems are typically larger and numerous.Less legacy problem
Database ConnectivityJDBC is the most popular and widely used.Python’s database access layers are weaker than JDBC.
Backend FrameworksBlade, SpringDjango, Flask
Companies UsingUber, Spotify, GoogleInstagram, Quora, Netflix
Salary0-1 Yr Experience – 26K 6+ Yr Experience – 65K0-1 Yr Experience – 31K 6+ Yr Experience – 60K

Final Thoughts on Java vs Python

Java and Python both are very powerful languages, they both very popular. Python’s popularity is growing exponentially because of its use in data science, and IoT fields. We cannot pick anyone and say ok this is better than the other. If you’re interested in Software Engineering roles and want to handle systems for large corporations, and if you want to develop Android applications the Java is the best choice for you. On the other hand, If you’re interested in the field of data science or IoT roles, If you’re starting your coding journey, and if you’re going into web development then you can go for Python.

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Thanks for reading this article, we hope it help you to clear your doubts.

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