Pendulum Library Python|Current time stamps

Pendulum Library Python|Current time stamps

You’ve heard about the ‘time’ library in Python which allows us to manage with time and dates, right? Python has a vast set of libraries which makes the programming language open source and special, today we will see Pendulum Library Python|Current time-stamps.

Well, Pendulum is one of the libraries in python which provides easily manages complex date manipulations better than native datetime instances. It also manages timezones. It is actually an inherited library from a standard library datetime, and thus, we can create Pendulum instances using datetime class.

Most of us are curious to know the time in any far country and we often search it, right? Some may look for it purposely while some for fun or information or curiosity like I said.
So, let’s make it calculate by coding style with the help of a simple function.

In this tutorial, we are simply converting timezones to find the current time in different places of the world.

N Yes, the code will work if the module is installed in the python package. To achieve this, quickly install pendulum through cmd.

pip install pendulum

This will install your pendulum module.

Pendulum provides you the functionality to create date-time instance using various methods like  datetime(), local(), naive(), now(), from_format() also, you can perform various operations on datetime like add(), subtract(), diff(), parse(), etc.
You can refer to the documentation for details:

Let’s start: All we need is a simple function and by this, we will do this conversion. But first, we need to import the module as follows

import pendulum
print( will give a current date, time, and timezone details as follows:


It also takes the timezone name as an argument to display timestamps at different zones.




Now, you know how easy it is to know times at different places!
But, we will make this output more readable and our program dynamic with some creativity. What we actually gonna do is to split this output and display only date and time with the magic of lady speaker!
Let’s get hands over code:

#Code for time in different timezones

#importing modules
import pendulum
import pyttsx3     #for speaking purpose

#function for speaking
def speak(text):
    engine = pyttsx3.init()
    engine.setProperty("rate", 170)  #rate of speaking
    voices = engine.getProperty("voices")
    engine.setProperty("voice", voices[1].id)  #for female voice
# Code

speak("Hello! I will convert time in desired timezones.")

#current details
d1 =

#splitting for getting date and time only
dt1 = str(d1).split(".")

speak("Here's your current timezone with current date and time")
print(f"Current timezone : {d1.timezone_name}")  #for displaying timezone
print(f"Current date and time: {dt1[0]}")  #as we splited time and timezon

speak("Now enter the zone you wish to see the time!")
i = input("Enter here: ")

#details for inputed timezone
    d2 =
    dt2 = str(d2).split(".")
    speak("Here's desired details")
    print(f" Current date and time for {d2.timezone_name} : {dt2[0]}")  
except Exception as e:
    speak("Looks like you have entered incorrect timezone!")
    speak("Please check it and try again!")


Output for above code

We just simply split the output from the with “.” to separate data and time from timezone details and this will increase the readability!

See, How easy it was! We’ve just finished a good program using a simple function! Congrats!!

Please ensure that you are entering the correct timezones. For the list of all timezones available in the pendulum, type this code in your console:

>>>import pendulum

This will print an entire list of timezones in Pendulum module.

So, this is all about current timestamps in different! You can be more creative adding a GUI interface here or voice recognition or anything! It’s up to you!!
For more details about Pendulum :
Read the documentation:

Thank You Pythoners! All the Best!! from

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