Best JavaScript Projects for Beginners in 2023

Best JavaScript Projects for Beginners in 2023

If you are a beginner and looking for a few ideas to really implement and enhance your JavaScript skills, this article is the end of your search. In this article, we will see the best JavaScript Projects for Beginners.

No doubt, JavaScript is one of the trending programming languages currently in terms of use and career scope, however, its knowledge is useless if it is not practiced. Learning syntax or structure or theory is not worth it if it is not practiced.

Before moving ahead, these are some of the concepts you must know:

1. HTML and CSS
2. JavaScript basics: Syntax, Datatypes, Keywords, Identifiers, Loops, Control Structures
3. JavaScript functions, objects, event listeners
4. JavaScript DOM
5. Integrating JavaScript with HTML and CSS.

JavaScript Projects for Beginners

1. JavaScript Calculator

One might say, this is one of the most basic projects for all languages, but let me tell you, if you are a beginner, this is how you can start. Why? Calculator covers almost all the fundamentals of a programming language including functions. And who said this can be boring? No way, you have to design in JavaScript, which means you can build a very eye-pleasing interface.


Let your JavaScript be the backbone of your project which will handle all the functions behind maths and will take input and display results as well and your HTML and CSS be your front-end visible to users. You can build here from basic to intermediate functions like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, modular division, logarithmic, trigonometric, etc. Also, you can handle datatype overflow, and divide by zero cases as well. Also, this calculator can be an interest calculator, BMI calculator, etc.
You have chances for a lot of customization here and you can be pretty creative.

Check out the source code on our website here.

Some of these resources you can refer to:

2. Rock, Paper, and Scissor Game in JavaScript

This is a quite popular game we all played in childhood. This game doesn’t need any special accessories or instruments but hands. This game is played by two players and you can play as many rounds as you want with calculating points. And whoever scores more, wins. This can be a tricky JavaScirpt project but is best suited for beginners. You can build the front end with custom HTML and CSS and then add JavaScript at the backend to deal with inputs, outputs, and intermediate game processing.

rock paper scissors game

This project can also be customized in a number of ways. For example, you can have a round count, or n number of people playing. You can have levels or challenges across different teams.
You can build this game from a variety of resources available.

Check out the source code on our website here.

Some of these resources you can refer to:

3. Pong Game in JavaScript

Pong game is one of the most played online arcade games like table tennis. Like table tennis, both players should catch the ball and flip toward each other. This is one of the interesting challenges to designing using programming concepts. And JavaScript is happy to help you here! You can design the gaming interface with the help of HTML and CSS and then apply the programming logic using JavaScript and connect the interfaces together. You can have points and races and teams also.

In the list of JavaScript Projects for Beginners, this project can be expanded from intermediate to advanced level. JavaScript will take care of what is user giving and then it will display the best programming output from the logic written in the backend.

This can be quite tricky, but challenges will make your path to becoming a JavaScript developer easier. Again, this has a lot of customization available and hence you can take this project to whatever level you want.

Check out the source code on our website here.

Some of these resources you can refer to:

4. Color Picker in JavaScript

You do know that CSS is highly reliable on RGB or hex code is given, right? You can design this color picker on your own which displays the color from the number of options and also its hex codes. This is one of the most beginner-friendly projects. Use HTML and CSS to handle the user interface and use JavaScript to integrate with the front end. This seems quite tricky or complex because one might say, we have to write whole codes for each color or the logic behind how the hex code is generated, but no! You don’t need to write hundreds or thousands of lines of code, it is pretty simple logic.

color picker

Here also you can customize the front end like normally we see in the color picker, they are displayed in either hexagons or in rectangles. You can design both the displays and you can display the RGB values too with hex code or name of colors, or you can, etc. Color Picker can be customized in various ways.

Check out the source code on our website here.

Some of these resources you can refer to:

5. Tic Tac Toe in JavaScript

This is a very popular game we all played and still playing can be a good part of JavaScript Projects for Beginners. It is commonly played among two players, where each of them has to select a sign to be placed in n by n grid (mostly 3×3) so that each player must form a perfect row of their sign and the opponent has to make sure that it doesn’t. The front end can be built with HTML and CSS and JavaScript comes for the logical part and integrating the logic with HTML display. This can be a pretty challenging game for beginners, but such gaming logic makes our logical ability super strong.

tic tac toe game

You can build the game for 2 players or maybe a team of players and can have as many rounds as you want, you can have options for like playoffs, etc. You can add a touch of customization to the display, have scores for players, etc.

Check out the source code on our website here.

Some of these resources you can refer to:

6. JavaScript Timer

The timer is very different from the clock. The clock won’t calculate the time elapsed between two particular time periods, but in the timer, the utility is present. You can build a timer with the help of HTML and JavaScript, with HTML and CSS for the design part and JavaScript at the back end. It looks super simple, right? No, it’s not, you need to be aware of specific functions in JavaScript while at the logic. Also, you need to handle the time object and calculate the time period elapsed. Also, reset, start, and pause are the three main functionalities you need to keep in mind.

stopwatch or timer

You can design either an individual timer or you can design full clock elements like – a clock, timer, stopwatch, and alarm. This project can turn from beginner level to advance, making you challenge and hence firm at JavaScript concepts and use.

Some of these resources you can refer to:

7. JavaScript Form Validation

This is a one-of-a-kind project best suited for beginners. In the form validation, you need to design a form using HTML and CSS where you can have multiple entries, radio buttons, checkboxes, and inputs for different attributes and then set some constraints over them using JavaScript. If the user fails to pass the constraints, your program must display the warnings. Such validations you might have seen. For example, while entering an email, the ‘@’ character must be there or the password must be 8 or more characters with combinations of alphabets, numbers, and symbols. You can design a form with such validation, this form might be for event participation, voter enrollment or college admission, etc.

form validation

You don’t need to have a database to store the user’s input data as of now, at the beginner level. But fetch the input using JavaScript, validate it with the constraints you use, and display warnings or messages if the input is incorrect. You can also add a SUBMIT button and render it to another page, this is also one extra utility you can add to your project.

Some of these resources you can refer to:

8. Guess a Number in JavaScript

This is a pretty simple fun game you can build with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You can reach as many creativity levels as you can while designing the project. The basic idea is to generate random numbers between specific two numbers and make the user guess what it is. You can have various rules, for example, one number should be guessed in 5 or fewer chances, or you can also increase the difficulty level with an increase in the levels of the game.

number guessing game

Design an eye catchy HTML and CSS interface and make the JavaScript work for the programming logic. This project can take your skills from beginner to intermediate level and it is super fun and simple to design. You can also make a game for guessing cities or countries, etc.

Some of these resources you can refer to:

9. JavaScript To-Do List

Everybody needs a planner. Planner makes you disciplined and aware of your tasks. The To-do list is one type of daily planner. The project seems easy but it can be complex if you add more and more utilities to it. Design the front end with HTML and CSS and then for every functional button, use JavaScript. You can have entries for today’s task then utilities to mark the tasks as completed or schedule later or mark them as undone or cancel the task or add a new task, etc. You can also have a progress tracking bar or a productivity bar.

to do list app

From this idea, you can build a fantastic project application. You can have several validations here too. At the intermediate level, you can then use the database to store these tasks and maintain the weekly planner for the user.

Some of these resources you can refer to:

10. JavaScript Quiz

We all like to solve riddles or play quizzes. You can build your own quiz game in JavaScript. Here, you can be as creative as you want. You can have riddles with options or general knowledge questions or guess the logo or guess the picture, complete the sentence, etc. You can have teamwise playoffs here or individual challenges with points. Design the front end with HTML and style it with CSS. Add JavaScript to write the backend logic of your puzzles.

quiz game or app

The project can be challenging for beginners, but this will really help your JavaScript to be firm enough. You can take it to an intermediate, by adding some complex functionalities. Again, there are numerous ways to customize the quiz, for example, you can have mathematical quizzes or historical or geographical, or you can have options for the user to choose the category of the quiz. You can host this quiz on servers too.

Some of these resources you can refer to:

So, these were the 10 JavaScript Projects for Beginners. Surely this is going to help you a lot with your JavaScript skills. Remember, practice is the key!


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Author: Ayush Purawr