Display Images with Pygame|Python

Display Images with Pygame|Python

Now comes the most exciting part. In this article, we will be Display Images with Pygame. So, one of the most important things that you need to move further in this tutorial is of-course images.

To download free icons, we can use Flaticon.

Flaticon offers a wide catalog of free icons. When you perform a search, there will be a few options shown on the top left corner of the screen, where you can filter by “Free”, for content free of charge, or by “Premium”, for icons available only to Premium users.

1. Display Images with Pygame: Background Image

To download images, we can use Freepik.

Freepik offers a wide catalog of free resources, which you can find by filtering by “Free”, from the “Filters” option on the site, on the top right corner of the screen. This content is completely free of charge.

Now, to Display Images with Pygame, we will be importing our image to our python program by using pygame. And it is very simple just like we did earlier by using the image module of pygame. The function that we are gonna use is load().

load() takes 2 arguments if you are passing a file object else you need to enter only one argument that is the filename.


pygame.image.load(filename) -> Surface
pygame.image.load(fileobj, namehint="") -> Surface

Load an image from a file source. You can pass either a filename or a Python file-like object.

While we want to Display Images with Pygame, Pygame will automatically determine the image type (e.g., GIF or bitmap) and create a new Surface object from the data. In some cases, it will need to know the file extension (e.g., GIF images should end in “.gif”). If you pass a raw file-like object, you may also want to pass the original filename as the namehint argument.

To load the image we will use the following code:

background = pygame.image.load('<name of the image>')

After adding this, your code should be looking like this:

Now, after we have loaded the image inside our background variable. We need to place it on our game window. To do so, we need to use a function called blit(). It is the function of our window/screen. It is used to draw one surface on to another.

blit() takes 4 arguments that are the following:

blit(source, dest, area=None, special_flags=0) -> Rect

The draw can be positioned with the dest argument. The dest argument can either be a pair of coordinates representing the position of the upper left corner of the blit or a Rect, where the upper left corner of the rectangle will be used as the position for the blit. The size of the destination rectangle does not effect the blit.

An optional area rectangle and a special flag can be passed as well. This represents a smaller portion of the source Surface to draw.

So, now we will write code inside our game loop (while loop). We need to put it in the beginning of the loop as it is our background image, nothing should come before it.

The code that we need to write is:


After writing this your code must be looking like this:

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2. Display Images with Pygame: Game Window Image

Now we will be adding images and graphics and it is the same way we added our background image. But we need to specify the coordinate of our images.

The first thing that we need to do is load our image and then we need to do screen.blit(). It is as simple as that. But what we need to take care of that is we need to specify the coordinate of the image that you want to set in the cartesian coordinate system. And we need to put that part of the code after the background image inside the loop so that it does not get hidden behind the background image.

As pygame is specifically used to create Two Dimensional Games it has only two coordinates that are X and Y.

So let’s say that we want our image to change it’s place so we will define it’s coordinates (x,y) in variables. Like if the image is of a player then we will define it’s x coordinate inside a variable, let’s say playerx and the y coordinate inside another variable, let’s say playery.

Now if I want to change the position of the player image, then I can simply make changes to my playerx and playery variable.

If we want that the player should change it’s position horizontally, then we can easily do it by changing the x coordinate that is inside the playerx variable.

And just like that if we want that the player should change it’s position vertically, then we can easily do it by changing the y coordinate that is inside the playery variable.

So, now let’s consider the following code:

playerx = 100 # Creating the variable for the x coordinate of the player
playery = 150 # Creating the variable for the y coordinate of the player

Now loading the image into our python file
player = pygame.image.load('player.jpg')

Now, let’s do screen.blit()


Remember that we need to write screen.blit() code inside our game loop after the for-loop but before pygame.display.update().

After doing that, your code should be looking like this:

import pygame
screen = pygame.display.set_mode((800,600))
# Title
pygame.display.set_caption("Copy Assignment")
icon = pygame.image.load("task.png")
isRunning = True
background = pygame.image.load("planet.png")
playerx = 100 # Creating the variable for the x coordinate of the player
playery = 150 # Creating the variable for the y coordinate of the player
# Now loading the image into our python file
player = pygame.image.load('player.jpg')
while(isRunning ==True):
    for event in pygame.event.get():
        if event.type == pygame.QUIT:
            isRunning = False

So, now that’s for this article, For any further queries, drop it inside the comment section. Until then Enjoy learning.

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