Top 10 Python Projects for Final year Students

Top 10 Python Projects for Final year Students

This article will discuss some Python Projects for the Final year. Most of today’s applications employ the sophisticated and user-friendly programming language Python, considered the future programming language. Python uses hardware programming, automation, AI & ML techniques, and online applications.

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Python is the primary source for many final and pre-final year engineering student projects across all engineering branches, including CSE, ECE, ISE, MS, and BCA. They also create a ton of little projects for their lower semester programming and Python Projects for the Final year.

Top 10 Python Projects for Final year Students are:

  1. Quiz Application
  2. Contacts List
  3. Magic 8-Ball
  4. Text to speech
  5. Flappy Bird
  6. Website Blocker
  7. Password Generator
  8. Slide Puzzle
  9. Mouse Controller
  10. Music Player

Now, let’s see all projects one by one.

1. Quiz Application

1. Quiz Application - Python Projects for Final Year

The makers of this intriguing Python project want to create a typical quiz application.
Users are given a list of questions and the option to respond.

The application then indicates if a response is right or wrong. The final score is displayed after the user completes the test.
The application also needs a database to keep track of all the users’ questions, responses, and ratings.
Also necessary is a method for selecting administrators. The administrator can now develop and modify tests for the other users.

Source Code:

2. Contacts List as Python Projects for Final year

2. Contacts List as Python Projects for Final year

Python Projects for Final year: Making a contact list, adding people along with phone numbers or emails, and amending them—as archaic as it may sound—remains common. One can be made using the SQLAlchemy package, which stores contacts using SQLite. You should create modules and packages for your contact book application and give it a compelling structure.

Having some prior Python and PyQt programming knowledge would be beneficial to get the most out of this project. You will therefore need to be aware of the following:

  1. Utilize Python with PyQt to create GUI applications.
  2. Utilize Python with PyQt to create GUI applications.
  3. To administer SQL databases, use Python and PyQt.
  4. Using SQLite databases

Source Code:

3. Magic 8-Ball Game

3. Magic 8-Ball Game - python projects with source code for the final year

Python Projects for Final year: The Magic A yes-or-no decision is made using the eight ball, a fortune-telling object.

We will randomly generate 20 responses, of which ten will be affirmative, five will be ambiguous, and five will be negative. We will then choose one answer at random for the user from the 20 responses.

4. Text to Speech

4. Text to Speech - python project ideas for final year students

We can now produce sound from image files. Imagine showing a forest picture while the genuine sound of a forest plays in the background. This will heighten the drama. You’ll need an image file and a sound file in.mp3 format to make this work.

The Python library pytesseract allows us to do optical character recognition with just one line of code.

There are numerous techniques to translate speech to text in Python. This project will turn the decoded text into audio using Google Text to Speech. gTTS (Google Text to Speech): The following example demonstrates how easy it is to implement text-to-speech using just one line of code.

Source Code:

5. Flappy Bird Game

5. Flappy Bird Game - python final year projects

From an entire game, the flappy bird creator made millions and was one of the Python Projects for Final year. It was a straightforward game that required a lot of skill to play, which frustrated players and helped it grow in popularity.

The game has been built in numerous additional variations, and you can make your own! The rules are straightforward: a bird must fly while avoiding obstacles.

Utilizing PyGame APIs, you may put this project into action. For game projects, PyGame offers an exemplary user interface. We may use PyGame to implement various desktop GUI projects, so it’s not just for games.

6. Website Blocker

6. Website Blocker - python projects for final year

Aren’t we all sick of unexpected pop-ups when browsing websites? So, by developing one of the Python Projects for the Final year, we can build website blockers to prevent intrusive advertisements. A website blocker blocks access to websites either continuously or periodically. For safe internet use, we can ban all websites from undesirable categories.

Therefore, the purpose of the Website Blocker Python project is to block websites on any device. This project will prevent users from being distracted by websites by preventing them from opening them on their devices.

The user can enter numerous websites to block in this project, and when they click the block button, it first checks to see whether the website has already been blocked; if not, it stops all of the entered websites and prints the word “blocked.” Remember that after you code this, you can alter the host, edit when the sites need to be blocked, or add the websites you need to stop by amending sites to block.

Source Code:

7. Password Generator as Python Projects for Final year

7. Password Generator as Python Projects for Final year

Python Projects for Final year: A writer’s worst dread is the possibility of a piece of writing being plagiarized. A plagiarism checker looks for similarities between your work and sources that have been published online.

We frequently run our work through plagiarism checkers to prevent any overlap or suspicion of taking someone else’s work. But the equipment is costly. Therefore, you can develop a plagiarism checker to examine any written task with the help of this Python project.

This Python project creates a fully functional, useable plagiarism checker using a natural language processing tool and a search API.

What you need:

  1. TensorFlow
  2. Natural Language Toolkit

A file with just one “Text” column will be used as the input. The name of the file is “InterviewBit.csv.” The text in the “Text” column will differ in each row. As long as they don’t contain commas or other unique symbols, you are free to make these texts as lengthy as you like. The model will need additional epochs for longer texts to achieve improved accuracy.

Source Code:

8. Slide Puzzle Game

8. Slide Puzzle Game - python final year projects with source code

Python Projects for Final year: To arrange each tile correctly in this puzzle game, we must slide the tiles one at a time.

Since there is only one empty area in the grid, we must ensure that the tile can only move on these spaces while evolving.

9. Mouse Control

9. Mouse Control - final year project in python

Another Python project for the Final year is a mouse simulation system that imitates your hand gestures and movements to perform all the tasks a mouse would typically perform. Your hand motions can move the cursor, make left and right clicks, drag, select, and up and down scrolling gestures.

Source Code:

10. Music Player

10. Music Player - python based projects for the final year

Most people enjoy listening to music. Imagine making your music player that requires searching project folders for music files, browsing through different tracks, adding music from your favorite performers, or adjusting the volume.

You can build a complete music player with an interactive user interface using this Python project. To construct this project, you must install Tkinter and pygame on your device.

  1. The menu and buttons of our application will be shown using Tkinter, and the music will be loaded from files and played, paused, and stopped using the PyGame library. Tkinter (the same code will work on Windows, macOS, and Linux) is a lightweight module that can be used to construct cross-platform apps.
  • We can work with sound files using Pygame’s built-in mixer method in Python, which allows us to do things like:
  •  Load and play music
  • Pause music
  • Stop the music file

Functions Used in the Program:

  • playsong: This will play the active audio. Only played when clicked “play.”
  • pausesong: It will pause the song and is executed when pressed “pause.”
  • stopsong: Stops the Song
  • resumesong: Resume the selected music or audio

Source Code:

Tk Python official documentation:
URL Shortner:


That’s all, we have seen Python projects for final-year students one by one. We have already summarized all 10 projects to give you an overview of the project. You can find more similar and can make more advanced projects than the projects mentioned above.

We hope this article will help you.

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