Best 100+ Python Projects with source code

Best 100+ Python Projects with source code

We recommend you bookmark this page before you lost it as you will surely need this in the future because we have presented the best Python Projects with source code in every field like web development, computer vision, data science, machine learning, game development, GUI/Desktop applications, Turtle, etc. Now, let’s start.

Best Python Projects with source code

We have presented all the best python project ideas below based on difficulty level so that anyone from beginner to advanced level python programmers can select simple python projects according to their levels.

Python Projects for beginners

Python beginners’ projects will be mini python projects which are good for python programmers who have just started their journey in Python. We are presenting the best python mini projects with source code and links.

Here is the list of Simple Python mini projects for beginners:

Intermediate Python Projects

At the Intermediate level, we thought that projects on Python desktop applications are best for all programmers, so we will present intermediate python projects which will mostly result in desktop applications.

Here is the list of top Python coding projects for Intermediates:

Advanced Python projects

These python coding projects are for programmers who are experts in python. These projects are not simple python projects, we recommend you to try these projects only if you are an expert in Python libraries and have already created many projects. These projects are most suitable for your resume.

Here is the list of best Python coding projects for Advanced:

Django Projects with source code in Python

Django is the best Python framework for web development using Python. You can create many Django projects without any limitations as Django is completely open-source. Today, we will present the best Django project with source code. We are presenting all types of Django project ideas, you can select any one or more according to your level whether it is beginner, intermediate, or advanced. If your level is advanced, you should select Django projects for resume.

Here is the list of best Django projects with source code links:

OpenCV Projects with source code in Python

Here is the list of best OpenCV projects for beginners to advanced:

Python Projects for resume

We have a separate article on Python Projects for Resumes. It’s one of the best available on the Internet. You must try once.

20 Python Projects for Resume

Cool and fun Python Projects

Cool and fun Python projects must include interesting games and exciting GUI applications. Whatever we do in gaming is all fun and exciting. We have tried to find out all the best cool python projects for beginners and intermediates.

Here is the list of most interesting Python projects with source code:

Python projects for Turtle Graphics

The purpose of creating a library like turtle is very clear, learning programming and logic by drawing simple drawings using Python Turtle graphics. If you are a beginner in the programming world, then you should start with the turtle. You can even create famous games using the python turtle like snake game.

Here is the list of top 30 turtle projects with source code and links:

Automation Python Projects

Here is the list of automation Python projects:

Python Tkinter GUI Projects

Python Tkinter is the best Python library to create desktop applications using Python. We are going to present you with the best Python Tkinter projects with source code and links. These projects will be of different types, some will contain databases and some will be very simple. Click here to get the top 10 Tkinter project ideas for beginners.

Here is the list of top 30 Tkinter projects in Python:

Python Projects for Machine Learning and Data Science

Here is the list of the best 30 python projects for machine learning and data science with source code:

Game development projects in Python

Here is the list of best 30 python projects for games:

Python projects for final year students of Computer Science

We already have a good article on python projects for final-year students. Click here to check the best Python projects for final-year students.

Top 10 Python Projects for Final year Students

You can check more final year projects below, here is the list:

Final thoughts

Don’t forget to bookmark this page and share it with your friend, you may lose it. We have really worked hard and researched too much for most of the projects in this blog so that our users like you can save their time by directly selecting their favorite python project from the best projects available on the Internet. We selected only the best projects so that you can learn and try from the top and best projects only. That’s all for this tutorial, we hope you will find your dream Python project.

Thank you for reading till here.

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