Traffic Signal Violation Detection System using Computer Vision

Traffic Signal Violation Detection System using Computer Vision

This is software for the practice of developing a system from completely scratch. Understanding this will help a lot in system development and the basic structure of a system, computer vision, and GUI with the python library Tkinter, and basic OpenCV.

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This project is made for the third-year(OR FINAL YEAR) second semester System Development (CSE-3200) course.


The increasing number of cars in cities can cause a high volume of traffic and implies that traffic violations become more critical nowadays in Bangladesh and also around the world. This causes severe destruction of property and more accidents that may endanger people’s lives. To solve the alarming problem and prevent such unfathomable consequences, traffic violation detection systems are needed. The system enforces proper traffic regulations at all times and apprehends those who do not comply. A traffic violation detection system must be realized in real-time as the authorities track the roads all the time. Hence, traffic enforcers will not only be at ease in implementing safe roads accurately but also efficiently; as the traffic detection system detects violations faster than humans. This system can detect traffic light violations in real-time. A user-friendly graphical interface is associated with the system to make it simple for the user to operate the system, monitor traffic, and take action against the violations of traffic rules.


The goal of the project is to automate the traffic signal violation detection system and make it easy for the traffic police department to monitor the traffic and take action against the violated vehicle owner in a fast and efficient way. Detecting and tracking the vehicle and its activities accurately is the main priority of the system.

Click here for the link to the complete code and tutorial of the project.

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