100+ Java Projects for Beginners 2023

Best 100+ Java Projects for beginners in 2023

Are you looking for interesting Java Projects ideas and 100+ Java Projects for beginners with source code? If yes, the you have come to right place because in this article we will show you best 100+ Java project ideas and topics for beginners with source code.

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Cool Java Projects & Topics

Java is one of the most in-demand languages in the Software Industry today. Be it Web applications, Mobile applications, Java Desktop applications, Enterprise applications, or Game Development, it is used everywhere. Due to this, there is a huge demand for Java developers.

So if you are planning to learn Java by building good projects to get a firm grasp of the language, then you are at the right place. There are dozens of projects that could help you learn and master the Java language. But if you are a beginner who is confused about how and where to start, the projects in this guide have been handpicked specifically for you. These projects cover a broad range of interests in programming and they are designed to fine-tune your programming skills and ensure that you are on course to become a master programmer in less time. You can easily pick any one of them and start your Java learning today!! 

From simple java projects for beginners to advance java projects for resumes, we have provided various categories to suit all types of programmers. We have added the links to all the 100+ interesting java projects for beginners with source code and brief introductions of the project to help you get familiar with the project and decide the one you like to start with!

List of 100+ Java Projects for beginners

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Now, we will see all the simple Java mini projects, we will provide link to the Java project and will also provide image so that you can have a rough idea about that Java Project. We recommend you to use Java Eclipse IDE to build these Java projects.

1. Addition calculator GUI App in Java

Addition of two numbers

This is a perfect Java project for beginners. If you are just starting out with building a Java application, this can be a very simple application to start with where you can input two numbers, simply add them and show them on the screen. This application can help you learn how to take user inputs, do some operations on them, and show to result on the screen. In most applications, this is an integral part of development.

2. Greet a message in Java

Greet a message

In this application project, the user can input a name and he will be greeted with a message with the name. This is another simple project for a beginner to try as the first few projects to get started with building applications and get familiar with basic concepts of Java like conditionals, loops, and functions.

3. Turn the light on using Java

Turn the light on

This is also a simple application where the user can turn on the lights in the room by clicking on the button which says turn on the light. This application can teach you how to handle click events on different buttons and show images conditionally. This can be a good project to learn to work with images, and mouse click events.

4. Mini Math Game

Mini Math Game

This can be a very simple java projects for beginners. In this application, the player has to pick two numbers that sum up to a given number. You can enhance the UI with the help of Swing components and make it a cool and simple game to share with your friends.

5. Color Matching Game

Color Matching Game

In this project, there are two random colors given and their respective RGB values are given, the player has to increase/decrease the RGB values of either color to match the other color. This can be a cool and fun Java project to start with if you are comfortable building some basic applications.

6. Digital Clock in Java

Digital Clock

This is another suitable project for a complete beginner. You just need to use the calendar package which comes with Java and make the UI pleasing with the help of Java Swing and AWT.

7. Color Picker App

Color Picker

A color picker application in Java is a program that allows users to choose colors from a wide range of options. The user can select a color by adjusting the red, green, and blue values or by selecting any color from the given palette. This can also be a good java project for your resume.

8. Count Down Timer

Count Down Timer

A countdown timer application in Java is a program that allows users to set a specific amount of time and then count down from that amount to zero. The user can start, pause, and reset the timer as needed. The application may also include features such as the ability to set an alarm or to choose from a range of preset time intervals. You can use this project as Java desktop application.

9. Guess the Color

Color Guessing Game

In the list of simple Java projects, this is another project which can be considered with a simple UI. Here, the player has to guess the correct color from a bunch of options available with the help of a given RGB value. You can also enhance the user interface of this application and add some constraints like a limited number of guess attempts to make this a bit more challenging and fun Java project.

10. Calendar Application using Java

Calendar Application

This project is very good among all Java Topics. You can use the JCalendar package in java to build this interesting yet simple application. After building this application you will become comfortable with building date and time-based applications. And in many projects, there will be a need to show the time and date like if you are building a blog post website project you will need to track the time when the post was published or comment was posted then this Java project will be very helpful for you.

11. Weight Converter

Weight Converter

A simple application that converts weights in one unit to another unit. Try this Java project if you are just starting out with building GUI-based applications as this can serve the purpose of making you learn more about basic concepts of Java like functions, classes, and objects. You can use this project as Java desktop application.

12. BMI Calculator

BMI Calculator

Body Mass Index (BMI) is a guideline to track weight issues. It is a measurement of body fat based on weight. Here, you need to take inputs like the weight and height of the user, and based on this information you will show some message on the screen. You can try to build this application as a Java Mini Project for your semester.

13. Tip Calculator

Tip Calculator

Here, the user has to input some information like bill amount, tip%, and the number of people, and based on this information the tip will be calculated and displayed on the screen. If you are just starting out you should give this Java project a try as these types of projects make your foundation strong which can help you in building advanced projects. Also, this can be a java projects for resume.

14. Simple Stopwatch

Stop Watch

15. Random Quotes Generator

Random Quotes Generator

This Java project is basically about generating random quotes from a list of quotes. You can have a list of quotes or you can use any API which gives a random quote by pressing the new quote button.

16. Dice Roller Game

Dice Roller Game

In this game, two players can roll the dice and compete with one another’s score. This application can help a beginner to learn how to add images and use a random number generator in Java to show the next number on the dice. You can use this as Java desktop application and play with your friends.

17. Score Counter Application

Score Counter App

This is an android application that is simple to follow and build with the help of Java. In this app, when we click on the button it increments the scores of both the players, and at last the scores of both the players are displayed. This project is a good topic for Java projects for beginners with source code.

18. Drawing Application

Drawing Application

We all have used the paint application on our computers. How cool would it be if you could make your own drawing application? In this project, you can learn how to put different buttons, add click listeners on them and also track the mouse click event to draw something on the screen. This is a fun and interactive Java project to start with for your semester Java Mini Project.

19. Age Calculator in Java

Age Calculator

This is another simple java project for beginners where the user will be able to input their Date of Birth and the application will show them their age.

20. Analog Clock

Analog Clock

Till now you would have been comfortable building some small projects. Let’s move on to a more advanced section. This project can help you learn a lot when it comes to building good UI with the help of Java Swing and AWT. Take this project after you have completed some basic Java projects.

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21. Text File Encryption Decryption

Text File Encryption Decryption

In this application, you have to take a text file as input from the user and encrypt it with a secret key and also decrypt it with the same secret key. By building this application you will be able to understand how encryption decryption works and also learn about encryption algorithms. This project can also be used as a Java mini-project for the semester.

22. Design a Login Page

Login Page

This is a simple login page without a database to store the user info. By building this page you can get familiar with coding an actual login-signup page which you can use in other projects where authentication is required.

23. Keep Contact Details

Contact Details

This application is slightly advanced from the one we have been looking at. Here you need to use a data structure like List to store the contact details. The user will be able to add a new contact, view all contact detail, delete a contact, and update a contact. Also, this can be a good java projects for resume.

24. Text file to PDF converter

Text to PDF

A text-to-PDF converter is a program that allows users to convert plain text files into PDF documents. This type of application is useful for those who need to create PDF documents from text files, such as writers or researchers who want to share their work in a more professional and portable format. The text-to-PDF converter application works by taking a text file as input and using the Java programming language to convert it into a PDF document.

One of the key features of a text-to-PDF converter application in Java is its ability to maintain the formatting of the original text file. This means that any bold, italic, or underlined text, as well as any indentations and line breaks, will be preserved in the resulting PDF document.

25. Quiz Application

Quiz Application

This is a cool and interesting Java project topic and idea, a quiz app that allows users to test their knowledge and compete with others by answering a series of questions. A popular feature of the quiz app is the ability to play against other users online. This allows users to compete against players from around the world and see how they stack up against the competition. You can build this application as a Java Mini Project for your semester as well.

26. Car race Game

Car race Game

Car racing games are a popular genre of video games that simulate the experience of driving a car at high speeds. These games often involve competing against other cars on a track or against the clock to achieve the best time. To develop a car racing game using Java Swing, you will need to have a strong understanding of the Java programming language and the Swing library for creating a graphical user interface (GUI). By building this application you will learn how to handle user input from a keyboard or game controller to control the movement of the car. You will also learn to implement other gameplay mechanics, such as acceleration, braking, and handling.

27. Expense Tracker

Expense Tracker

An expense tracker system is a tool that allows users to track and manage their personal or business expenses. These systems often include features like the ability to add and categorize expenses, generate reports, and set budget goals. Have you tried using an expense tracking app but didn’t feel like it had all of the features you wanted? You can customize this application according to your need. Start slow and ultimately you will get comfortable writing your own applications. This Java project is built with technologies like spring boot and spring framework in Java and you can choose an IDE like eclipse to build this application.

28. Rock Paper Scissors Game

Rock Paper Scissor

This is another cool and interesting Java game project where two players have to make a hand gesture of rock, paper, or scissors and according to the rule of the game, any player with high priority wins or there is a tie. This simple java projects for beginners is available on our website.

29. Count Words in the text

Count words

In this application, the user has to input some text and the application will output the number of words and characters the text contains.

30. Memory Game

Memory Game

In this game, the user has to remember the position of similar pictures and try to match them within a limited number of attempts. 

31. Brick Breaker Game

Brick Breaker

32. To-Do List Application without database

To-Do App

There is no need for a database to build this application which makes it a good fit for beginners. Even if you are familiar with simple arrays you can build this Java application.

33. Typing speed test

Typing speed test

34. Calorie Calculator

Calorie Calculator

35. Password and Notes Manager

Password and Notes Manager

36. Resume Builder

Resume Builder

37. Clipboard History Application

Clipboard History

38. Flappy Bird Game

Flappy Bird

39. Create a PDF file

Create PDF

In this application, the user has to submit their information, and based on that a PDF file will be generated. This application will teach you, how to work will different file formats with the help of packages available in the Java swing module. This is not a Java mini projects but is still can be a good part of cool and fun Java Project ideas for beginners with source code because we all use PDFs in our daily lives.

40. Tetris Game

Tetris Game

I have played this game too much in my childhood and I know it’s very interesting to include it in Java projects ideas list. Tetris is a game where different geometrical shapes fall down and the player has to arrange all these pieces so that there is no gap on a horizontal line. By building this application you will be able to learn how to build different shapes with colors, detect their positions and take actions upon collision.

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41. Simple Calculator


We all used calculators in our day-to-day work. Developing a Calculator app is a great beginner project. This simple application is easy to build and it covers some very useful concepts of Java which must be learned while starting to code in Java.

42. Number Guessing Game

Number Guessing Game

This is a simple Java mini project which can help you get started in building applications. The game is simple – the player has to guess the secret number generated by the computer and if the guess is wrong the user can get a prompt that the guess is too high, too low, or correct.

43. Tic Tac Toe Game

Tic Tac Toe

This is a simple game that every beginner should try once as it will clear a variety of concepts that can be beneficial for setting a strong foundation in developing applications. We recommend you to include this Java project for resumes.

44. Copy File from one location to another

Copy File

This is an application where you need to input two file paths, a source path, and a destination path and if the path is correct you will just need to copy the file from the source to the destination.

45. Snake Game

Snake Game

In this game, the player controls a snake, and the objective is to eat food without hitting the wall or tail of the snake. This game is simple but the logic to detect collisions between different objects makes it a perfect fit for beginner to intermediate programmers in Java.

Now, we will see rest Java projects for beginners. All the ideas and Java topics below will be very interesting. You can see that most of the Java projects we saw till now was GUI based and rest Java projects for beginners will also be GUI based Java desktop applications. Reason is very simple, we want you to learn how to create real-world Java projects while learning and developing simple Java projects with source code. Most of the Java project we have included will be using Java Swing module because it’s the simplest module to develop GUI based Java Application Projects. Most of the Java projects you will see in this article can be included in your resume as well.

46. Toss a Coin Application

Toss a Coin

47. Music Player Application

Music Player

48. Logo Maker Application

Logo Maker

49. Notepad Application

Notepad Application

50. IP address finder

IP address finder

51. Currency Exchange Project

Currency Exchange

52. Password Strength Checker

Password Strength Checker

53. Translator Application in Java

Translator Application

54. Fibonacci Generator

Fibonacci Generator

55. Pizza Order App

Pizza Order App

56. Cookie Clicker Game

Cookie Clicker

57. Sudoku Solver

Sudoku Solver

58. Smiley Application

Smiley Application

59. Journal Application

Journal Application

60. Chat Application

Chat Application

61. Survey System Application

Survey System Application

62. Data Visualization Application

Data Visualization

63. Exam Seating Arrangement System

Exam Sitting Arrangement

64.  Attendance Management System

Attendance Management

65. ATM Management System Project in Java

ATM Management System

66. Library Management System

Library Management System

67. Pong Game in Java

Pong Game

68. Ludo Game in Java

Ludo Game

69. Scientific Calculator in Java

Scientific Calculator

70. Minesweeper Game


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71. Piano in Java

Piano Application

72. Text to speech

Text to Speech

73. Blog Application

Blog Application

74. Bug Tracking System

Bug Tracking System

75. Flight Reservation System

Flight Reservation System

76. Electricity Billing System

Electricity Billing System

77. Email Client System

Email Client System

78. Smart City Project

Smart City Project

79.  ATM Simulation System

ATM Simulation System

80. Student Grading System

Student Grading System

81. Event Management System

Event Management System

82. School Management System

School Management System

83. Pharmacy Management System

Pharmacy Management System

84. Supply Chain Management System

Supply Chain Management

85. Search Engine in Java

Search Engine

86. CGPA Calculator in Java

CGPA Calculator

87. Color Hunt Game

Color Hunt

88. Video Chat App

Video Chat App

89. Traffic Management System

Traffic Management System

90. Loan Management System

Loan Management System

91. Bank Management System

Bank Management System

92. Employee Management System

Employee Management System

93. Hospital Management System

Hospital Management System

94. Restaurant Management System

Restaurant Management System

95. Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship

96. Criminal Records Management System

Criminal Record Management

97. Food Ordering System

Food Ordering

98. Stock Management System

Stock Management System

99. Virtual Private Network in Java

Virtual Private Network

100. Online Job Portal

Online Job Portal

101. Fruits Market Design

Fruits Market Design

102. Hangman Game

Hangman Game

103. Chess Game in Java

Chess Game

104. Space Runner Game in Java

Space Runner

105. Pacman Game in Java

Pacman Game


In this article, we have covered 100+ Java projects for beginners with source code which are organized in such a way that you start from mini Java projects and by learning and growing, you build advanced Java applications to put on your resume and get that dream job!! Now it’s on you that you take up this challenge to pick the Java projects you like and complete them to start your Java learning journey.

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We also encourage you to bookmark this article and keep coming back to pick the next Java project after you have finished mini Java projects from the list of our 100+ Java projects for beginners. As you gain confidence and proficiency, you can move on to more advanced Java projects and continue to grow as a Java developer. Happy coding!

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