Install and setup Python in Windows 11

Microsoft has released its latest version of the Windows Operating System. This blog will discuss how to Install Python in Windows 11 along with testing and setting up the interpreter. There will step-by-step guide without leaving any step behind. So, this blog is targetting absolute beginners as well as references for advanced programmers and users.

Steps to Install Python in Windows 11:

Step 1: Open a Browser, we are using Chrome

open browser

Step 2: Open this website: This is the official website to download python in windows 11 or any other operating system

go to

Step 3: Hover on the Downloads Menu and click on Download the latest version

The website will automatically detect your operating system. During the writing of this blog, the latest version is 3.10.8.

download python for windows 11

The download will automatically start. Click on the downloaded exe file to execute it. This will start the installer program.

file downloaded

Step 4: Installing Python

After you click the downloaded file, the installation will start. First, tick the Add python.exe to PATH option. This will add python.exe file in an environment variable.

starting to install python on windows 11

Step 5: Click on Install Now

click on install

The installation will start now. This will take some time. So, be patient and let the installation complete. You can do other work on your computer while Python is being installed.

installation started

The installation will be complete in some time.

installation in progress

Step 6: Python installation and setup are completed

Now, the following screen should be displayed. Click on Close.

installation completed

Step 7: Click on the Windows Icon to open the start menu

click on windows icon

Step 8: The latest installed program will be displayed in the Recommendation. Click on IDLE. IDLE is the default code editor and Integrated Development Environment of Python which comes automatically with the python interpreter.

click on python IDLE

Step 9: You can see as in the following picture. This is the Python IDLE Shell.

Python IDLE started

Step 10: Click on the File menu and “New File”. This will open a new window where you can write actual Python Code.

click on new file

Step 11: Write the code in this code editor you are displayed.

new untitled file opened
writing program in Python IDLE

Step 12: Click Ctrl+S to save the file. You can give the file any name. After writing the name, click on “Save”.

saving the python file

Step 13: To run the code, click on Run and “Run Module”. You can also press F5 to run the code.

running python on windows 11 using Python IDLE

Step 14: This will run the code and display the output in the Python IDLE Shell.



Yay, congratulations. We have successfully installed and set up Python in Windows 11. There are many blogs on our website for beginners as well as advanced Python enthusiasts. You can check blogs on Python and related technologies like Selenium, Turtle, PyGame, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, etc.


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Author: Ayush Purawr