Free Google Certification Courses

Free Google Certification Courses

Hello and welcome to our website, in this article I will show you 3 websites offered by Google where you can find free courses and certificates from Google. The courses and certificates are valuable as Google offers them. You can use the Free Google Certification Courses to learn some new skills and in addition, you will get certificates that can help you build a good resume.

List of websites offering Free Google Certification Courses:

  1. Google Digital Garage
  2. Google Skill Shop
  3. Grow with Google

You can click on the links provided above to get the Free Google Certification Courses. But if you want courses related to Python and Data Science then Google Digital Garage is the best website for you and I am going to list the best Free Google Certification Courses available on this website.

Free Google Certification Courses

1. Data Science with Python

data science with python

About course:
Number of Modules: 13
Time: 8 Hours
Level: Advanced
Price: Free
Rating: 4.5
Learners: 268410
Certificate: Yes

What you will learn?

  • Data wrangling
  • Data exploration
  • Data visualization
  • Mathematical computing
  • Web scraping
  • Hypothesis building
  • Python programming concepts
  • NumPy and SciPy package
  • ScikitLearn package for Natural Language Processing

2. Machine Learning Crash Course

machine learning crash course

About course:
Number of Modules: 5
Time: 15 Hours
Level: Intermediate
Price: Free

What you will learn?
Basics of Machine learning, TensorFlow with Python, real-world case studies, Training and Testing ML Models, 30+ exercises, Lectures from Google researchers, 25 lessons, etc

3. Data Science Foundations

data science foundations

About course:
Number of Modules: 6
Time: 2 Hours
Level: Beginner
Price: Free
Rating: 4.42
Learners: 3.8 Lakhs
Certificate: Yes

What You will learn?

  • Data Science Basics
  • Analytics Landscape
  • Data Science Life Cycle fundamentals

4. Introduction to R programming

introduction to r

About course:
Number of Modules: 11
Time: 1 Hour
Level: Beginner
Price: Free
Rating: 4.59
Learners: 1.2 Lakhs
Certificate: Yes

What you will learn?

  • R Commands
  • R Packages
  • R Functions
  • R Datatypes
  • Operators in R
  • RStudio

5. Programming with JavaScript

programming with javascript

About course:
Number of Modules: 3
Time: 15 Hours
Level: Beginner
Price: Free
Certificate: Yes

What you will learn?

  • Use data and data types in JavaScript.
  • Manage program logic in JavaScript (conditions, loops, and errors).
  • Write clean and maintainable code using methods in JavaScript.

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