Google STEP Internship 2023

Google Step Internship 2023


In this tutorial, we are going to learn about the STEP program i.e STEP (Student Training in Engineering Program). The Google STEP Internship is basically an internship program for about 12 weeks for computer science students of first and second-year engineering.

Almost every tech student has a dream to work in big Multinationals like Google, Microsoft, Meta, etc. The hiring process of these tech giants is not easy. A mastery of skills is really important before undergoing their interviews and hiring process.

But if you are a student currently and you are looking for a start with one of the tech giants like Google, this article will end your search.

Every year google offers a training internship program known as STEP. This is a perfect opportunity for the students to experience the hands-on practicals accompanied by academics.

What is a Google STEP Internship?

STEP stands for Student Training in Engineering Program. This is a 12-week internship program offered by Google.

What is in STEP?

Through the STEP program, one can get the opportunity to work on a software project along with other interns and googlers. This internship program will fill the gap between academic understanding and practical experience. STEP interns have the opportunity to take advantage of the learning and development programs Google offers.

Purpose of the STEP Program

  • Offers various good opportunities to work on different software projects along with the various STEP interns.
  • Helps in bridging the gap between academic understanding and professional experience.
  • The main goal of the internship program is to help provide development opportunities to all the students which are not yet looked forward which is done with the help of technical training and professional growth.

Goals that can be achieved with the STEP program

  1. This program will help the participants of the Google STEP Internship program build a network of personnel and professionals.
  2. To make bonding and friendship with the different groups of students from the computer science background that will help increase their knowledge by sharing with each other.
  3. To provide students the challenging technical project along with different complexities and help provide a complete guide to build the solutions for the project.
  4. The internship program will help the students in gaining technical knowledge which will help them to take small steps towards success as well as enhance their abilities and boost their confidence level.
  5. STEP interns would be getting mentorship and will also receive coaching from the Google engineers that will help them for their better future.
  6. The participants will be able to have a technical conversation with the Google engineers, which will help them learn about how the Google coding practices are done, the technologies, and all the skills that will help them reach success.
  7. It will help the interns to have an inside look at google’s pleasant working environment and their culture of work.

Students that are eligible to attend the Google STEP Internship program

First-year or second-year Bachelor’s Computer science students /Related field.

Having programming experience in C, C++, Java, JavaScript, or Python.

The first-year participants must have taken at least one college computer science course(AP or IB meeting the course requirement).

The second-year student must have completed at least 2 college computer science courses. Currently attending a university in North America

The qualification that would be preferred

Returning to their bachelor’s degree program after completion of the summer 2023 internship.

Must be capable to complete the full-time, 12-week internship between May-August or June-September 2023(dates provided are tentative and may change ).

Two dates available to attend the step internship program

  • May 22, 2023 – August 11, 2023
  • June 19, 2023 – September 8, 2023.

Various points to remember while attending the STEP Internship program

Application process:

The applications for the internship program 2023 will be opened in September 2022. The recruiter team of the STEP will view all the applications of the participants on a rolling basis. The applications of all the applicants will be considered as due to the bulk of applications they are unable to provide the status of each application.

Application for first-year undergraduate:

The first-year student application is provided for the participants in their first year of a Bachelor’s degree program in Computer Science located in North America (with an anticipated graduation date of December 2025 – May 2026 depending on their program).

Application for Second-year undergraduate:

The second Year Student application is intended for those participants in their second year of a Bachelor’s degree program in Computer Science located in North America (with an anticipated graduation date of December 2024 – May 2025 depending on their program.

Students have to apply according to the criteria they fit.

A timeline provided for the further process:

For the first-year undergraduate students: All the applications of the first-year students will be reviewed and will reach out to them in December to schedule their interviews.

For second-year undergraduate students: Until the program is not filled all the applications are reviewed and candidates will be interviewed on a rolling basis. As this will take time may be several weeks so please students need to cooperate once they have applied before hearing back. The team members will reach out to them.

Training opportunities available within this program

In the STEP internship program, Google offers various learning and development programs which are helpful outside of core project work. Interns will be encouraged to work on themselves which is helpful in the growth of the personnel and professional skills.

The internship program offers mentorship opportunities, a leadership speaker series, professional development series, and various community-building activities to connect the Googlers throughout the company

Difference between Step Program and Software Engineering Internship Program

STEP program: IT mainly helps in providing support and development to students during their early stages of learning computer Science. Here students participate in the mentorship program and work in the pod-based structure within two hosts.

Software Engineering Internship program: IT mainly focuses on the technical development of the student with different complexities. This is the more larger and competitive program where the students own the project completely while only one host supports them in getting the opportunity to work independently. They also get the opportunity to participate in mentorship programs.

Hence both programs provide a similar opportunity for all the interns to work on various challenging and innovative technical projects, Interns can participate in various events and tech talks along with their software engineering teammates and the other great Googlers.

Benefit of the program:

At the end of the program, all of the interns will be having a good chance to get considered for an internship opportunity at Google which focuses on the final goal which is to bring great innovative talent to Google.


Here we have come to know about the internship program i.e STEP which is very helpful in encouraging the growth of innovative minds and as well as giving great opportunities to help achieve success in Computer Science. Google STEP Internship is an outstanding opportunity for tech enthusiasts to practice their skills like professionals and learn simultaneously. If you are a student in the first or second year of a Bachelor’s, check this out and make sure you aren’t missing this opportunity.


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Author: Ayush Purawr