New secrets to Earn money with Python in 2023

New secrets to Earn money with Python in 2023

I know that you may have read this title of earn money with Python and you have seen that everyone tell you the same things like freelancing, creating a website or blog, getting a full-time job, becoming a Python teacher, participating in coding competitions, etc. But the problem with competition means many people are already doing the same things which you are going to do. So, now what?

The solution to this problem of competition is hard and smart work, this means, you need to learn those skills which are hard to learn but pay more than those old and competitive skills. So, I am here to tell you the top 10 Python skills that actually work and can really help you to Earn money with Python in 2023.

1. Develop machine learning models

Develop machine learning models

Machine learning is currently one of the most trending topics right now. You may already have listened to OpenAI and ChatGPT already and may already know that these are using artificial intelligence and machine learning at their core. Python is considered the best programming language for machine learning.

2. Build web applications

web app

As I already told you freelancing is old but is still a relevant field to earn money with Python in 2023. I always visit freelancing sites and always found much freelancing work related to python and other IT-related tasks. Even sometimes I hire freelancers for different tasks so this is also a decent idea for earning money with Python.

3. Develop automation scripts


Many companies are looking for ways to automate their business processes, and Python is a great language for building automation scripts. You could offer your services as an automation consultant or develop your own automation tools and sell them online. You can find problems and create an automation tool to solve the problem with Python

4. Create data analysis tools

Python has several powerful libraries, such as Pandas and NumPy, that make it easy to analyze and manipulate data. If you have experience with data analysis, you could develop your own data analysis tools and sell them online.

5. Develop chatbots


Chatbots are becoming increasingly popular for customer service and other business applications. Python has several libraries, such as NLTK and SpaCy, that make it easy to build chatbots. You could offer your services as a chatbot developer or develop your own chatbot and sell it to businesses.

6. Offer Python training

Python is still in the growing phase as many Indian and other country schools are considering Python programming language in schools and adding it to the syllabus. I know my one friend from IIT, he said that everyone wants to go with Python because it’s easy to learn, and writing programs is also super easy as compared to other programming languages like Java, C++, JavaScript, etc. Don’t think that Python has reached its saturation point because there is still a number of people who are going to learn Python. Due to Python’s high demand, you can offer Python training or live classes.

You can register a new company or can directly start as an individual Python mentor. You can use google ads to get your new customers.

7. Develop games


Developing games with Python is not recommended but if you are passionate about how games are developed then you can go with Python. Python offers 2 great libraries i.e. Pygame and Arcade. They both are fast and developing games is easy with these 2 libraries. You can develop games with Python and sell them on marketplaces like Microsoft store, apple store, etc

8. Create plugins and extensions

Many popular software applications, such as Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets, allow users to develop their own plugins and extensions. Amit Agarwal is a one-man team making $20m/year building niche google plugins. Click here to know more about Amit Agarwal. You could develop Python plugins and extensions for these applications and sell them online and make money with Python in 2023.

9. Develop mobile applications

Developing android games with Python is not recommended but if you want you can try as there is nearly zero competition. Python offers Kivy and BeeWare, 2 libraries to develop android applications. Python is a fantastic choice for mobile development since it offers high comfort through ease of use and readability, which reduces development time.

10. Offer consulting services


An excellent approach to make money with Python in 2023 is to give your skills as a consultant to companies and organizations if you have a lot of experience with Python and programming in general. You can offer a variety of services as a Python consultant to assist businesses and organizations with their programming requirements.

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Author: Yogesh Kumar