Free Python Certification Course

Free Python Certification Course

Want to grab a Free Python Certification Course but don’t know how? We got you covered.

Free Python Certification Course outlines:

  • Offered by Great Learning(one of the most emerging and significant platforms for learning)
  • 3.3+ Lakhs of learners
  • Beginners-friendly
  • Free lifetime access
  • Completion Certificate
  • 4.0 Hours of self-paced video lectures
  • 4.6/5 rating

Free Python Certification Course features:

  • A self-paced course
  • Free Lifetime Access
  • Learn anywhere and anytime
  • Covers Programming + Python fundamentals
  • All these at 0 costs!
Free Python Certification Course

About Free Python course by Great Learning:

This course is designed by Mr. Bharani Akella. He is a well-known educator and an experienced data scientist. You can find his various courses on big platforms like Udemy for Python and Data Science.

The course is specially crafted for newbies in Python. The course lays a perfect foundation for Python.
Today, Python is significantly popular because of its expertise in the field of intelligence, machine learning, analysis, analytics, full-stack development, and scraping. Python is currently 3rd most popular and in-demand programming language. There are a lot of career options and assured career growth with Python. And if you are the one looking forward to deep dive into your career with Python, this course is perfect, to begin with.

This is a 4-hour self-paced course and the course curriculum is specially designed for beginners.

What you will learn in Free Python Certification Course:

1. Programming Fundamentals & Key Concepts

  • Importance and Applications of Programming Languages:
    This chapter discusses, how programming is impactful in the real world and what are its applications
  • Variables:
    This chapter discusses the different types of variables used in programming.
  • Decision-Making Statements:
    This chapter defines ‘if’ and ‘else’ situations with respect to the real world.
  • Looping Statements:
    The chapter discusses the need and idea of repetitive tasks.
  • Functions:
    This chapter explains functions in programming and what is their use.
  • Object-Oriented Concepts:
    This chapter includes the need for OOP and what exactly objects are.
  • Algorithmic Approach to Solve a Problem:
    This chapter discusses what exactly an algorithmic approach is and how it can be a problem solution.

2. Basic Python

  • Introduction:
    This section gives a brief overview of Python.
  • Jupyter Notebook:
    This section introduces the interpreter for Python and how Jupyter Notebook works.
  • Variables and Data Types:
    This chapter includes all the data types available in Python and how to declare variables of these types.
  • Operators:
    This chapter explains various operators Python programming has…
  • Tokens:
    This chapter demonstrates four tokens of Python.
  • Strings:
    This chapter gives a brief overview of Python strings.
  • Python Data Structures:
    This chapter emphasizes basic Python data structures – tuple, list, set, and dictionary.
  • Conditional Statements:
    This chapter demonstrates the conditional statements supported by Python.
  • Looping Statements:
    This chapter demonstrates the loops in Python.
  • Functions:
    This chapter involves the understanding of the function and how it works and how the function is created in Python.
  • Python Object-Oriented Programming:
    From this chapter oop concepts of Python begin, starting with the introduction here.
  • Python Class:
    This chapter extends into three videos explaining how to create a class, how to add parameters to the class, and how a class is created with the constructor.
  • Inheritance:
    This chapter introduces inheritance in Python programming with real-world examples. The later chapter explains the types of inheritances supported by Python.

This is everything an ideal beginner-friendly course should be! The course doesn’t require any previous programming language knowledge. Also, there’s no limitation that the lessons should watch at a specific time. This course can be viewed at your pace.

Why enroll in Free Python Certification Course by Great Learning?

The course has been rated a whopping 4.56 stars out of 5. Plus the certification is a perk too! Share the certificate and you can stand out from the crowd. And all this is completely FREE!!

Don’t wait for the opportunity, dive in straight. Enroll for free. Check it out here.

Thank you!

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Author: Ayush Purawr