Top 10 PHP Projects with Source Code

Have you ever got confused about all projects to make that are full of learning and good enough to put on your resume? If yes then you are right place. In this article on Top 10 PHP Projects with Source Code, we will discuss all the best projects one needs to build when coding in PHP. These projects are the ones that you can easily show in your resume and can open doors of opportunities in PHP.

In this list of projects, we will give you a brief List Top 10 PHP Projects with Source Code along with a detailed explanation. We staunchly believe that these projects will definitely help you to get a grip on the concept of PHP and will be a great source of learning.

Before starting with the Top 10 PHP Projects with Source Code list, we suggest you bookmark this page for future reference. Now, before getting started with the list, let us talk about What exactly PHP is? and some of its superb features.

What is PHP?

The term “PHP” stands for “Hypertext Preprocessor.” It manages the dynamic and interactive content of a website and is executed on the server side (as opposed to JavaScript, which is a client-side scripting language). Fast and simple to learn, PHP. As it can readily interact with a wide range of databases, it can be quickly embedded in HTML, making it simpler to add capabilities without having to access external files or data.

Installing and learning it is simple.  Since it is open-source, it is free.  Additionally, it is quick and safe.  It works across several platforms (Windows, Linux, Unix, etc.).  PHP has the ability to access and set the cookies variable. Numerous protocols are supported, including HTTP, POP3, LDAP, IMAP, SNMP, NNTP, and many more.  It supports a variety of databases and is well-connected to databases. It is also suitable for handling forms because of this functionality. On the internet, there is a tonne of resources and learning materials for PHP. Now let us move on to the Top 10 PHP Projects with Source Code

List of the Top 10 PHP Projects with Source Code

1. Online Chat System

Top 10 PHP Projects with Source Code - Online Chat System

Today, whether you offer real or digital goods, adding live help to your website is crucial since it will foster trust between the customer and your brand. A business must give its customers reliable support in order to develop integrity, which is a key requirement for every enterprise. With AJAX (JavaScript), PHP, and MySQL, we’ll create an engaging and fluid live support chat application for this first project. We’ll use AJAX to send and receive messages instantly without refreshing the page. In addition to AJAX (JavaScript), PHP, and MySQL, we will also use Bootstrap, CSS, HTML, and jQuery for front-end purposes.

Source Code Link: Online Chat System

2. Blogging System with Database

Top 10 PHP Projects with Source Code - Blogging System with Database
Credits: Freecoursesite

The aim of this project is to develop a web portal powered by PHP where users can browse published information without requiring their authentication. You can learn a lot of things from starting a blog. You can learn PHP and the numerous nuances of a blog site by carrying out the identical task in PHP.

The goal of the straightforward PHP blog project is to create an educational blog that allows regular user content additions. Although marketed as a simple PHP blog, the project can also be used as a notice board for posting information online. This can happen in any environment, whether an office, a college or university, or both. The person who created the blog can add and remove photos from and amend articles.

Source Code Link: Blogging System with Database

3. Timetable Generator

Timetable Generator
Credits: Adobe Stock

The third project that a PHP developer needs to build in this list of Top 10 PHP Projects with Source Code is Time table generator. The arranging of lecture timetables is still primarily done manually due to its inherent challenges, despite the fact that the majority of college administrative work has been digitized.
It takes a lot of time and effort to manually schedule lectures. A college schedule is a chronological arrangement of a number of lectures and classes that complies with all necessary requirements.

A web-based tool called Time Table Generator instructs you on timetable management systems. The time-table generator also uses HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and MySQL in addition to PHP. The project is run on an Apache2 server and may be configured to run on any Windows, Linux, or macOS-powered device. Administrators who are responsible for establishing and administering course schedules can save a significant amount of time by automating this process with a computer-assisted timetable generator.

System Users/Actors:

  • Administrator
  • Teacher, Consultant, or Faculty
  • Student

Source Code Link: Timetable Generator

4. Blood Bank and Donor Management System

Blood Bank and Donor Management System

To efficiently gather, handle, and store data about blood donors and banks. The project “Blood Bank & Donor Management System” teaches PHP students how to create a solid and dependable system that manages and organizes data about blood donors, blood banks, and blood types.

The project uses a number of other technologies, in addition to PHP, like AJAX, jQuery, JS, and MySQL. The guest part and the admin section make up the two areas that make up the entire project. You may add a number of features to the blood bank and donor management system to improve learning, such as the mailing function.

Source Code Link: Blood Bank and Donor Management System

5. Music Player System

Music Player System

Moving on to the 4th project in a series of Top 10 PHP Projects with Source Code. To develop a website with music and information about them, such as artist information, song length, genre, etc. The music management system is another excellent unique PHP project that you can use to learn PHP programming. It is a website with various sections and three static pages: about us, homepage, and contact us. To provide better music management and playing is the goal.

This project allows any user to play any self-hosted audio collection that can be converted into a useful music player that runs in a browser. Along with PHP, the music management system makes use of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and MySQL. The project is operated on the Apache2 server and can be set up to work on any computer that is running Windows, Linux, or macOS.

Source Code Link: Music Player System

6. Car Rental Management System

Car Rental Management System

This is one of the amazing projects in the Top 10 PHP Projects with Source Code as the aim is to create a website that provides car rental services. Another PHP project you may use to learn how to program is the automobile rental project. People who don’t own personal vehicles, whose cars are damaged or need repairs, etc., can benefit from car rentals.

Three categories of project participants are identified:

  • Admins are users in charge of overseeing automobile rental services.
  • Users who have registered on a website are referred to as registered users.
  • Users who visit a website anonymously are known as guest users.
  • The project makes use of PHP, AJAX, Bootstrap, and jQuery.

Source Code Link: Car Rental Management System

7. Online Voting System Project

Top 10 PHP Projects with Source Code - Online Voting System Project
Credits: Projects Geeks

PHP, CSS, and JavaScript are used in the development of the online voting system. The initiative is intriguing and beneficial in this article on Top 10 PHP Projects with Source Code. A user must be able to cast their vote for their preferred candidate on both the admin and user sides of this project. While the administrator can add candidates, view the voting results, and so on.

The admin must be able to manage the candidates, monitor the results, and review feedback, to name a few functions of the system. While the user only needs to be able to cast a vote for each of the candidates by providing some Basic Information about themselves. An Interactive Way To Address Conventional Voting is provided by this system. The ability for voters to cast their ballots for their preferred candidate without physically visiting the voting area is a must. The administrator can also simply see the results of the vote. This project should have a very straightforward design so that the user has no trouble using it.

Users of the project will be:

  • Admins
  • Voters

Source Code Link: Online Voting System Project

8. Mail Server Project

Mail Server Project
Credits: Code With C

For the purpose of sending emails to friends who have registered on your server, mailing servers were developed. It enables the transfer of text messages as well as attachments like MP3 files, movies, and photographs. There are some restrictions on the size of the attachment, but you can alter them to suit your server and your company’s requirements.

Project Structure and Steps:

  • A user can set up their own account on a mailing server. They can log in after registering by using their current login and password.
  • The user can alter their profile and change themes on the mailing server according to their personal preferences.
  • If you feel insecure using the current password, you can change it.
  • In the event that you forget your password, you can still access your profile by confirming your backup email or phone number.

Source Code Link: Mail Server Project

9. Photo Editing Project

Image Crop Project Project

Moving on to the third project in this list Top 10 PHP Projects with Source Code, this is a project about making an application that is capable of providing a user a feature wherein he/she can edit whatever image they upload. In this, you will have to code in such a way that is capable of accepting a file in the form of an image with various formats. In this project, we will create a quick and efficient web-based photo editor that allows for photo editing, selection, and positioning as well as the creation of publication-ready images.

The project for the picture editor entails developing an online photo editor. AJAX, Bootstrap, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and jQuery are used in the front end in addition to PHP and MySQL in the backend. As a result, it’s a fantastic PHP project to gain a feel for all aspects of PHP development.

Source Code Link: Photo Editing Project

10. Stock Investing Management System

Stock Investing Management System

The last fantastic project in this article on the Top 10 PHP Projects with Source Code that manages both the back end and the front end at once is the stock investing management system. This project will function in the same way as conventional trading software. The administrator will have the power to specify the requirements for how this program functions when used by professionals for trading. This system will be accessible to three different user types: administrators, stockholders, and investors. Investors are the people who can buy and sell the stocks of a specific company, and administrators will have the authority to oversee the system’s overall operation. Stockholders can also launch their stocks on this stock exchange market.

Investors are the ones who will invest their funds in stocks and have the power to choose the price at which those equities will be sold. According to the state of the market, stockholders can raise or lower the value of their holdings. Each user will need their own login information and password to access this system. Users must choose the right category of the user throughout the registration procedure.

Source Code Link: Stock Investing Management System


Finally! The Top 10 PHP Projects with Source Code are now complete. We sincerely hope that you find this article to be a helpful resource for you. Each and every project that is important was explained as best as we could. At CopyAssignments, we are adamant that creating projects is the only way to lead the way in PHP. We have included some basic to advanced level projects in this list of Top 10 PHP Projects with Source Code; it is now up to you to create and advance the projects. We’ll be back with another tutorial soon; in the meantime, keep learning, doing, and building. We appreciate you visiting our website.

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