Microsoft Giving Free Python Course: Enroll Now

Microsoft Giving Free Python Course: Enroll Now


Hello friends, do you know that big organizations like Microsoft provide free educational content? On their website, they have 4,284 small to medium size courses which they have divided into two parts i.e. module and learning path. There are 3,516 modules and the rest are learning paths. Modules are small in size and their duration varies from 10 minutes to 4 hours but the maximum modules come in the duration of 20-40 minutes only. Learning paths are generally big in size. Their duration varies from 2.5 hours to 15 hours of length.

Their content is divided into 3 parts based on difficulty level. Difficulty types-

  1. Advanced
  2. Beginner
  3. Intermediate

They have provided many types of filters so that users can access their choice-based courses. Filter types-

  • Products
  • Roles
  • Levels
  • Subjects
  • Types

Before wasting any time of yours, let’s see the free Python course by Microsoft.

1. Link for Free Python Course by Microsoft in Video tutorials format

Click here to check Microsoft Python Course

2. Link for Free Python Course by Microsoft in Text/Article tutorials format-

Click here to check Microsoft Python Course

Checkout this- Examsnap Microsoft AZ-500

About Microsoft Free Python Course

Microsoft Free Python Course

On their website, they have provided you with a search bar where you can search for anything you want to learn. If you want to learn Python, type Python in the search bar and you will see many Python-related modules and learning paths. If you want to learn one or more topics you can click on that topic and start learning that. You can try Python-related learning paths as well to clear your topic in deep. There are 53 modules and learning paths related to Python.

What’s Inside Course?

Free Python Course Microsoft Giving Free Python Course: Enroll Now Before wasting any time of yours, let’s see the free Python course by Microsoft.

They have covered all the basic topics in Python like lists, strings, variables, boolean, etc. They have Python guide modules as well if you want to know how to learn Python. Also, they have taught other technologies which Microsoft has discovered like Azure and Visual Studio Code. They have some content on how to create real-world projects in Python and deploy them on Azure. They have some modules on AI and ML tutorials as well. There is one module in which they have taught how to set up a Python complete environment on your system. Also, there are some web development-related modules that cover Django(Python framework for web development).

They have one separate learning path which covers how to build serverless full stack applications and deploy them on Azure. There are many modules that cover how to explore and research Space using Python.

About Python

Today, most companies prefer to use Python because of the many benefits which Python offers and no other language offers. Python is like Many in One language as you can do web development, game development, software development, and testing, game development, desktop, and mobile applications, ML/AI, data engineering, etc. One of the most special features of Python is that its code sounds like English means when you will read its code then you will feel like you are reading an English book.

Python is so beginner friendly and is best when someone wants to start their programming journey and finds it very difficult to start with other languages.

That’s all for this article, thank you, and we hope this article will help you to learn Python.

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