Make money with Python in 2022

Make money with Python in 2022

Hello friends, do you know there are many ways to can make money with Python? Yes, I am not joking, this is absolutely real, anyone even a beginner can money with Python or any other technology/programming language.

We are not lying, today, we are going to tell you the top 10 real and 100% working methods using which anyone from anywhere can make money. But with Python programming language, you can really make easy money because Python works in almost all technology fields like web development, game development, mobile app development, and backend, and do you know that Anaconda foundation recently released a meta version of Python script(a replacement for JavaScript) known as PyScript.

Now, let’s see the top 10 ways to make money with Python in 2022:

1. StackUp

Stackup is a website where you can learn any programming language or technology and you will be paid for learning. Yes, you read it right, this is a unique website where users are paid for whatever they learn using their website. You can simply signup and start exploring their website and it’s very easy to start. You can check out their guide on how to start(available on their website).

2. Freelancing

Many opportunities are available on the freelancing side as we found that genuine freelancers are rarely available. Yes, in the world of freelancing there are many freelancers but the quality is still very lacking there. We suggest you must try freelancing on top websites like freelancer, Upwork, Fiverr, etc. To get started with Freelancing, you can take free courses available on many platforms like YouTube and others. You can also try paid courses from Udemy where instructors may tell you really very secret ways to excel in the field of freelancing.

3. Build Apps And Websites With Python and sell in Market places

If you’re interested in web development, you can create Python-based websites and apps that can be sold online in places like the Shopify app store or the App store for the Google app. You can also sell your apps and websites through Python marketplaces like the Python-based Toptal.

4. Develop and sell Games with Python

Do you know that you can really create easy games with Python? Python offers many libraries which you can use and create any type of game. You can create desktop and mobile games using Python. For desktops, there are many Python libraries like PyGame, Pyglet, PyKyra, etc. For mobile, Kivy is best. So, in Python, you can really make games easily and sell on many platforms or you can even create your own website to sell your digital products.

5. Create Udemy Course

No need to tell you more about this like how to do it, why to do it, or anything like this. Why? Because everyone knows Udemy and how people are earning crores just with some courses. There is a misunderstanding about courses on Udemy. Most people think that they are not good at making Video courses or their course will not stand out in front of other outstanding courses as there are already many courses and they are enough famous and no one will buy your course. I will not say too much about this. Just to be clear, stop thinking negatively and try if possible.

6. Teach How to code in Python on Fiverr

You may know that there are many resources available on the internet where you can learn anything any anytime. For doubts, there are solutions already present on the Internet for most of the common doubts. But, sometimes, we had everything but still, we did not understand some topics, and sometimes doubts are not present over the Internet. Now what? Most people use Fiverr in such cases. Because they know they can easily get one-on-one live doubt sessions to clear their doubts. There are 1000+ gigs you will find on Fiverr for this purpose and you can create your own. Don’t hesitate, it’s easy to start and not so difficult to get clients, really, clients will find you, you just need to create good gigs and see the magic happen.

7. Create Python YouTube Channel

We all know, we all start to learn programming from YouTube only. Because we get everything for free and try anything or everything. There are many programmers around the world who learned from YouTube and from other free resources only. If we talk about the quality of tutorials, I will say, there are many bad tutorials available on YouTube. But, there are many good quality tutorials in most programming languages. They are so good that sometimes paid tutorials also look bad in comparison to them. I recommend you must try YouTube because it’s free and you can earn a very good amount.

8. Create Python Blog

No need to explain this time, you are already reading on a website that is mostly based on Python programming language. Yes, our website contains more than 90% Python language content only, and to know how we are earning, you can easily find that on our website. Just check our website’s different pages, and you will find that we use different methods to earn like google ads, affiliates, guest posting, etc It’s very easy to set up a blog nowadays, especially with WordPress, you are just a few clicks away from your blog that too completely free. You can try WordPress, it will cost you zero, with no hosting, or anything. If you want some help, contact us at

9. Participate in Coding Contests

There are many coding contests happening on various coding websites like HackerRank, HackerEarth, CodeChef, leetcode, code forces, etc. Their prize is also very good sometimes. Their prize distribution is mostly for the top three winners only. Sometimes the price is near about 2-5 lakhs INR. That’s a huge amount, this is more than the average salary of a programmer in India. And there are near about 5-10 contests happening every month in this prize range. If you can win even 1, it will be enough for you to run a decent life, and that too when you are free all the time, you just need to spend time in coding and coding contests only.

10. Get Python Job

If you want a regular job, you can look for Python jobs online, or you can approach a company and ask if they are hiring Python programmers. When you apply for jobs as a Python programmer, make sure to check out the company’s website to see if they use Python-based products. It’s not just the biggest tech companies that are hiring programmers. Many industries are beginning to adopt the use of data and artificial intelligence-based systems. You can find Python jobs in almost any industry, including healthcare, education, financial services, and even marketing.


Python is a powerful programming language used for everything from data analytics to website building. It is fifth on the list of most popular programming languages and is expected to increase in popularity over the next three years. It is a great language for beginners to start with and has a large community of users and experts to help you along the way should you get stuck. Now that you know how to earn money with Python, you can use these skills to create a successful career in data science. You can also use these skills to help others who may not have as much experience with coding.

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